Portland Headlight, Vinyl & Guitar Serenade

I found some great treasures at a rummage sale Saturday morning, had a wonderful surprise for Mother’s Day and enjoyed a beautiful day with Wayne and the “kids.”


I am THRILLED with the albums I bought for only a quarter each! They are in very good ++ condition. I love all of these artists! Wayne and I listened to them last night after I dusted them off and gave them a gentle cleaning.


I am so over vintage kitschy tchotchkes unless they are bluebirds, so I bought this little couple, also for a quarter.


I do not need more Pyrex! I just want it all. Also a quarter.


It also coordinates nicely with some of my other pieces.

Tulips from Chipmunks.jpg

This morning I had a surprise waiting for me. The chipmunks bought me tulips and a card for Mother’s Day!

Portland Head Light (5).jpg

Wayne slept in after working long hours this past week so we didn’t go to church. We took a walk at Portland Headlight around ten a.m.

Portland Head Light (6).jpg

Portland Head Light (4).jpg

Portland Head Light (3).jpg

Portland Head Light (9).jpg

Goddard Mansion (1).jpg

Portland Head Light (2).jpg

Wishy Wayne (2).jpg

Once we were back home we had a nice little picnic in our backyard.

Wishy Wayne (5).jpg

Wayne serenaded Wishy!

Wishy Wayne (4).jpg

If the video below is not showing, please click here.


4 thoughts on “Portland Headlight, Vinyl & Guitar Serenade

  1. I love your finds! My mom had the Simon and Garfunkel, and the Glenn Campbell album! I remember her putting them on to clean to when I was three or four. She would let me hold them, and look at the covers. Really good music.
    💓 So thoughtful of “Wayne and the Chipmunks” to treat you to Mother’s Day. 💓

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