Chippie’s Big Reveal!

It’s been a while since I blogged in depth about Chippie since she is quite shy unlike Wishy. Earlier in the spring she was looking rather portly. I figured, like most of us, she’d want me to wait until she worked off her winter weight before I took pics to post online. The photo above is from this morning. She’s getting good exercise now that spring is here. Anyway, there have been some strange happenings that finally made sense this morning.

Chippie has always defended her territory (our deck) like all good chipmunks do. However, I noticed that she was acting extra brave the past few weeks. As an example, I saw her chase away a red squirrel that’s twice her size, and it was afraid of her!ย 

Last week I started to hear chipmunk noises that sounded like they were coming from underneath the deck while Chippie sat on the railing, but I knew Chippie would never allow another chipmunk in her space. I figured it was off in the distance and just sounded like it was closer.

This morning when I went out to give her some blueberries and seeds she wasn’t as skittish as usual. She was acting like all was well in her world, if that’s possible for a chipmunk to convey. Suddenly I saw a little chipmunk head peek out from underneath the deck…and then a second!

Baby Eastern Chipmunk Maine (7).jpg

It all made sense.

Baby Eastern Chipmunk Maine (5).jpg

Chippie is a mom! Is Wishy the father? We’ll never know, but my hunch that Chippie is female has been confirmed!

Baby Eastern Chipmunk Maine (11).jpg

I felt very honored that Chippie allowed her babies to come out in my presence. After I went back inside I watched them from my window. There appears to be two babies total. One started to wander into the yard and the other further out into the garden bed. She did what I can only describe as a chipmunk slap and scolding session. She literally pushed them back towards the deck as she made it clear to them in high pitched chipmunk chatter that they are not ready to venture out, and they went back “inside.”ย I’m fascinated that they somehow know to stay in their burrow during the day while she is out.

My research indicates that their gestation period is about one month, then it’s another month before the babies come out of their burrow, and then a few more weeks to a month later before are ready to go out on their own.ย 

I called Wayne at work and he congratulated me for being a chipmunk grandma!

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5 thoughts on “Chippie’s Big Reveal!

  1. I can hear the “Spring! Spring! Spring” song playing from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We’re watching our Canadian Geese couples herding their goslings, showing them what to eat, and where. Mama, and papa are always lifting their heads for a quick 360 degree sweep for danger. They used to bring the whole crew right up to our porch which I didn’t mind because they ate all of the slugs.
    Happy Spring Averyl and Wayne! I wonder if Chippie will continue to use your porch as a nursery next year? You must observe that and report back.

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    1. Vienna, that’s such a sweet vision! Happy spring!!

      In addition to the baby chippies the birds nest in our outside light has been producing wonderful baby birds songs. There are two parents unlike with chipmunks which always involve single parenting! After chipmunks mate they become enemies again and the mom is on her own with her little ones. We sure hope that Chippie will be around next year!


  2. Chipmunk babies!! Oh, I was not expecting this at all. This is so wonderful, Averyl! Congrats to you and Wayne! ๐Ÿ˜‰ How touching that she chose your deck for their little home. I can’t wait to see other pics!

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    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ The babies are hard to photograph since they stay somewhat hidden, but when I do see them they are getting more grown up every day!

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