Royal Wedding Viewing Party (Updated!)

I’ve been busy baking scones and getting ready for early tomorrow morning when some lady friends will be joining me to watch the wedding. I’m so touched that Price Charles will be walking Meghan down the aisle! Also I’m feeling proud to be an Episcopalian knowing our first African American Bishop will be speaking! This is all so romantic and wonderful, plus it’s making me even more excited about my own wedding! Here’s how I’m setting up for tomorrow:

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (1).jpg

I bought this fun novelty tea towel at an estate sale a few weeks ago and it’s perfect for draping over my coffee table.

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (3).jpg

The tea towel matches my vintage tea cups and saucers.

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (6).jpg

I have beautiful vintage fine English china cups and saucers but they belonged to my grandmother so I keep them for display only. I would go Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet) on anyone using them.

British Scones Meyer Lemon Gluten Free (7).jpg

I made these gluten-free scones (recipe here) which will go on the bottom tier.

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (11).jpg

I’ll be placing the clotted cream and preserves in little dishes.

Lemon Elderflower Royal Wedding Cake Meghan Harry (5)

I’ll be cutting a layer of the gluten-free Elderflower and lemon wedding cake (recipe here) I made yesterday into small squares and will place them on the top tier of the server.

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (2).jpg

For the bubbly to celebrate the nuptials, I’ll be serving sparkling citrus and Elderflower water.

Update: It was a magical morning!


My friend brought her own commemorative mug.





Charming hostess gifts for me, too!

Royal Wedding Viewing Party (8)

How do you like the little plush Corgi from The Royal Collection Trust gift shop?! Wishy loves him.

12 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Viewing Party (Updated!)

      1. The English broadcasters afterwards remarked how you don’t here that kind of sermon in England. Meredith, the American broadcaster, told them it’s very common in the US!

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      2. They all looked mildly uncomfortable- some flabbergasted! From the way the media went on about the sermon/ homily, I was expecting fire and brimstone. When I watched the ceremony via youtube the day after, I thought the preaching rather mild by American standards.

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