Babies, Blooms & a “Bully”

Our little cottage at the edge of the woods, as we fondly call home, has been teeming with life and beauty.  Of course there’s often a bully that tries to ruin the fun! 

Babies Blooms Bully (7).jpg

Originally I thought Chippie had two babies, but it’s three. She now permits them to spend time exploring underneath our Azaleas and Rhododendrons (which haven’t yet blossomed.) 

They are so sweet and endearing, the way they tentatively move about and seem to be taking in this new world around them. I’ve noticed that they put a lot of things in their mouth presumably to see if it’s edible (or are they teething?!). 

A chipmunk’s life is fraught with daily dangers: getting run over by a car, neighborhood cats, natural predators and humans who view them as pests and exterminate them.  I always have that in mind not just for the babies but Chippie and Wishy. It’s one of the reasons why I wrote Wishy The Bookworm Chipmunk: I want to teach children and the adults reading it to them that wildlife can be a friend and not a foe. A respect for life and recognizing friendships between humans and animals is important to me.

Babies Blooms Bully (5).jpg

And then there are the bullies, like this enormous squirrel that “hides” and watches me when I feed Wishy, hoping for a chance to steal his seeds. He doesn’t bully the chipmunks so much as he does me, ha! He glares and stares. I don’t dare feed him, though, because squirrels can become very aggressive when they want more food. In secret, though, I think he’s cute, too, and appreciate his place in our little ecosystem. He and the chipmunks will help more trees grow in our woods as they spread out and bury acorns and tree seeds.


The lilacs as the edge of the woods are starting to bloom.

Babies Blooms Bully (3).jpg

The flowers on this shrub are lovely, but I have no idea of the name. Anyone reading recognize them?

Babies Blooms Bully (4).jpg


This is also at the edge of the woods, probably weeds, but they are pretty to me.

Update: Shortly after I wrote this I went outside to feed the chipmunks. The enormous bully squirrel was sitting on Wishy’s favorite branch on the lilac bush. Wishy jumped up and tried to push him off! What a spunky little fellow he is! The squirrel didn’t budge, however.


7 thoughts on “Babies, Blooms & a “Bully”

  1. You live in paradise, Averyl. I love it. That’s endearing that the babies are like human babies in that they put things in their mouths. I hope that squirrel doesn’t bully them!

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    1. The squirrel doesn’t come near them thankfully since they are somewhat hidden!

      I hope the takeaway for you and anyone reading this is that there are pockets of paradise everywhere. Once I learned to slow down, observe quietly and to have a non-judgemental mindset about being fascinated by “simple” things, it reveals itself! 😀

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      1. Yes, I believe that, too! We live in an older but beautiful neighborhood. On the street on the other side of ours is a Catholic monastery/convent/retreat house on several acres with a beautiful fountain which can be seen from the street.

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