A Farewell to Wishy and Chippie

God bless Wishy and Chippie, who have not surfaced in enough time for us to know that they have moved onward and upward. I loved them as my own pets/family. We miss them dearly. I made a memorial at Wishy’s burrow, and one on my deck where Chippie lived. I learned so much about myself and the nature of the world from my time with them. RIP dear little ones.

11 thoughts on “A Farewell to Wishy and Chippie

  1. Oh Averyl! You’ve lost both of them? How sad for you. I’m sorry. You had a wonderful unique relationship with both of them. Your nurturing probably helped them though the winter. I hope you have seen the babies.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you and Wayne again tomorrow. We’ll be in our usual pew if you’d like to join us.

    Sylvia 😘🤗

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    1. How sweet, thank you. The babies have made a few visits. One in particular, named Sunny, is adorable. A couple of days ago she visited her mother’s now lifeless burrow, and peeked out from under the deck. She had a large green acorn in her mouth that looked like a giant clown nose on her little face. Chipmunks have the powerful ability to make me laugh when things feel heavy. XOXO

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      1. RIP dear sweet little Wishy and Chippie. 😦 I will miss them so. I can imagine how much you definitely will, Averyl. Do you think the babies are old enough that they can make it on their own? How many have you seen? I hope Sunny and her siblings stick around!

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        1. You are such a small animal lover like me. 🙂 Not to worry–her three babies left their “nest” before she passed away. I would only see them visiting her burrow in the mornings. I think she held on until they were old enough to be on their own. I have only seen one of them, Sunny, since, and it’s been a few days. Perhaps now that she is gone they won’t come back to visit but I hope they will!

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  2. A great thanksgiving for Wishy and Chippie. They brought a great delight to this reader. Thank you for sharing your love for them, blessed creatures of God.

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  3. I have enjoyed reading about your two friends and hope the babies work their magic on you. When all can learn so much when we notice the world around us. Also by doing so it brings us much enjoyment.

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    1. That’s so true. Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed their adventures! I haven’t seen any of the babies now for about a week, so I think perhaps they have set up their burrows in another yard. There is a new chipmunk that has been visiting, though. Perhaps I will make a new friend!

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