Scenes From My Week

Saturday evening Wayne and I went out a hot date to the Home Depot parking lot. We didn’t go “parking” but were looking at the sheds on display in the upper 80 degree temps. The night before was an even hotter date–there was a rollover accident in our town that took out a utility pole. When he got home from work our house had been without air conditioning for about four hours. I wasn’t able to make that organic turkey meatloaf I had planned, either, so we went out to, ready? the food court at the mall. We didn’t want to deal with crowded Friday night restaurants.

Here are some more cheerful and picturesque things from my week:

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (2).jpg

E.A.T. Lobster Shack not far from our house. Wayne knows the owner (whose initials spell EAT) who is both proprietor and lobsterman. No middleman needed here! He and his family sell both live and boiled lobsters. Give them a try if you’re in Scarborough.

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (1).jpg

Our first ever baby watermelon from our garden!

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (5).jpg

I have not seen Rocky in a few weeks and was sad about that, fearing that he, too, may have fallen prey to local predators. He helped me keep my mind off of how much I miss Wishy and Chippie. Then, while I was sitting on my deck, two chipmunks traveling together (which is unusual) came over near to where I was sitting. I went inside to get some sunflower seeds, and they came over separately to eat them. Could it be Chippie’s “babies”, I wondered?! I hadn’t seen them in a long while after they left the “nest.” After the visit a very warm feeling inside remained. I do want to think it was her babies coming to see me!

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (6)

After church today we stopped at one of our favorite breakfast spots, Three Sisters, on the way home. The decor is simple but the food is outstanding diner food with excellent service and generous portions. They made me gluten-free French toast today with real maple syrup!

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (4).jpg

I’ve made significant reductions in my daily sodium intake, but every so often I need something salty like corned beef hash. So so good!

Serene New England Sunday Scenes (3).jpg

Wayne loved his breakfast, too, as usual here.

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  1. Especially loved all of these photos…the lobster shack looks so inviting, the baby watermelon is adorable, the two little chipmunks are especially cute, and the breakfasts look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. How sweet if they are really the babies! I’m glad they visited you either way. That little shack looks so cute. And your French toast breakfast looks so yummy. šŸ™‚

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