Vintage Preppy Bedding Makeover

I have two cedar chests filled with vintage linens and drapes which has enabled me to have fun changing things up from time to time. All (including the chests) were acquired at estate sales over the past two decades.* For the last couple of years I’ve been using floral and striped bed linens in orange and yellow that coordinate with my 1960s orange curtains for a groovy feel. My pink chenille bedspread and pink bedding has been stored unused since I originally purchased them years ago, and this morning I knew I needed to put that disuse to bed! But with which curtains? Surely not my orange curtains….or could I?


I took the above photo a couple of years ago after I had just changed it from this:


I also have over a dozen rotary phones in different colors, too!

Some of my pink bed sheets and pillowcases that haven’t seen the light for years:

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (1).jpg

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (2).jpg

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (3).jpg

I figured I’d need to buy new (like actual current-day new) drapes to go with my pinks since all of my other sets of panels are floral which would be too busy for my taste. Since it’s Labor Day (sale day!) I ordered a new set of solid pale yellow curtains. But then I wondered, what about leaving up the orange curtains?!

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (8).jpg

I’m giving it a try, and mixed in some yellow pillowcases, too.

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (5).jpg

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (9).jpg

I love the pink and yellow but am on the fence about the orange and pink. Wayne likes it. We’ll see how it looks with the yellow curtains when they arrive, but maybe by then I’ll be sold on the orange!



*If you’re in the market for vintage window treatments, the best place to obtain them is at an estate sale where they’re still hanging in the windows! In each instance I simply asked if I could buy them and in every case they were practically giving them to me. Just about every set I’ve purchased has been machine washable, too.

Lady Pepperell

10 thoughts on “Vintage Preppy Bedding Makeover

  1. I love it when you redecorate your room! 😀
    If it’s any help, the new color combination is pink/orange/aqua. One of my artist friends just painted her vintage 80s kitchen in those colors. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach.
    I think it’ll feel more pulled together when you have the yellow curtains up. I keep looking for something orange on the left to pull the orange curtains in. Do you have an orange rotary phone?

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    1. Ha! The walls are pale yellow, our bedroom set is “blond” and the carpet is aqua-ish, yes. The turquoise shag rug is gone. I WISH I had an orange phone!!! I have almost every color but. That’s a great idea, though!


      1. “sew” is a very important sounding word for what I do… I can hem a rectangle and make a smaller hem on said rectangle and fish elastic through and close the loop. but, this skills when combined make a circle skirt, ha!! or a glance or a curtain- by fishing through a rod instead of elastic.

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