Nature’s Bounty

I have extraordinary news! Buster is back!!! After a week’s disappearance he emerged from his burrow, came running to me when I called him and is acting like it’s just another day! Also, one of Chippie’s offspring, Sunny, returned…without a tail! But she is acting like it’s no big deal and she has made her home in our woods. I felt a release after I published yesterday’s post, and now I feel so much gratitude for the gifts in front of me, like our first WATERMELON!

Nature's Bounty (1).jpg

This is a “Sugar Baby” and it’s supposed to be ripe and ready for picking when it’s creamy yellow on the bottom where it rests on the ground. Sure looks ready!

Nature's Bounty (3).jpg

As you can see it does have some white pulp but it’s delicious! It’s not super sweet but sweet enough and crunchy. Amazing! So yes, you CAN grow watermelon in Maine.

Nature's Bounty (4).jpg

Although our tomato yield is down from last year it’s still respectable. In case you missed it, I posted my homemade heirloom tomato sauce recipe last year that I’ve made twice this past week.

Nature's Bounty (6)

Our container cabbages are tiny so we won’t be growing them again next year.

I feel so happy right now and we’re about to dig into lasagna followed by watermelon for dessert. It IS a happy Friday!

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  1. I’m happy to hear your chipmunk family is back! We went hiking in the mountains yesterday, and I saw them scurrying all over the place getting ready for winter. The leaves are turning already. I was coming along a rocky outcrop, and must have startled one because there was a surprised squeak, and little feet running as fast as possible.

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