Keeping Perspective?

I snapped the above photo in Limerick, Maine yesterday. It’s really nice to take breaks from the news and keep a proper perspective. My blog is not political in nature and I try to avoid discussing politics online. I like to be uplifting, but I feel the need to bring up my disappointment in Maine Senator Susan Collins. Our President has now gone beyond mocking a sexual assault survivor to calling her experience and testimony a “hoax.” I’m having a really hard time with that and needed to put it out here.

ETA: Please don’t boycott Maine because of this! A lot of innocent hard-working people already upset with Senator Collins will be negatively impacted by this misguided reaction.

14 thoughts on “Keeping Perspective?

  1. Hi Averyl, I just love your blog and I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone, I and many others are also having a very difficult time with the events of last week. Sending you peace!

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  2. Thank you for what you have said. The image you shot in Limerick is beautiful – a great image to use for meditating on perspective – so many things to see in it. Yes, even living here from “far away” there is disappointment about Collins decision. But I cannot dismiss Maine in general. Weeds sometimes even pop up in paradise. My best to you and Wayne

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  3. Oh goodness, I can’t get away from this. Please don’t turn your blog political, Averyl. But I disagree with you and I’ll leave it at that.


    1. Aileen, I respect you and you know how much I appreciate your being a loyal reader over the years! But it is my place to share my feelings and this does go beyond politics to human decency and respect. I’m not sure what is disagreeable about saying it’s not OK for the President of the United States to make snarky comments about a sexual assault survivor. My goal is not to argue politics but share that I am personally and deeply impacted by what is occurring in our country since I was a victim of sexual abuse and assault as a child. I can’t say I won’t write about it again. I’m sorry if you would decide to not read my blog any longer.

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      1. I never received notification of your response, Averyl, and I don’t know why? But I wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean that I disagree with you regarding what you said about the President. It’s embarrassing the way he spouts off all the time. And I am also a victim of sexual abuse. But I was talking about Susan Collins so I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. I know this is your space and I did not mean to imply that you couldn’t share whatever you want here. Of course you can. I rarely get political because I don’t consider myself very articulate. And I obviously failed here. Having read your blog for so long and the fact that we follow each other on social media has made me feel comfortable with you over the years and that’s the only reason I even tried to share my feelings in response. You post whatever you want, my friend, and I will just zip it if it’s political in nature. 🙂

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  4. I am disgusted with the flipansy the media has turned sexual assault into. I just can’t believe, if Judge Kavanaugh, were on the lecher level of Bill Cosby, which is what has been suggested, how on earth would he have even been nominated?!
    Honestly, I have stayed away from the whole circus so I don’t know every little detail that’s been presented. I just stay in my prayer closet.
    As far as Maine, I had a dream that it would lead the way in families and business. I had no idea the state motto was ‘Maine leads the way”!


    1. I haven’t heard him being compared to Bill Cosby, but then again I don’t pay attention to talking heads. I watched the hearings and drew my own conclusions. I wouldn’t compare him to Cosby (although you would think that Cosby wouldn’t have been “America’s Dad” for decades given his history!) and wouldn’t agree with that at all about Kavanaugh. I still think Collins made a terrible decision. Even if Kavanaugh is innocent of drunkenly sexually assaulting Ford, his behavior during the hearing was belligerent at times and his remarks deplorable in my opinion. His partisan comments were not consistent with being impartial. More than 2,400 law professors signed a letter opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I personally don’t vote along partisan lines. I have voted Republican before. Wayne and I voted for Susan Collins but won’t next time. I also was appalled by his attitude towards alcohol abuse. He deflected and couldn’t confidently answer the question: How much is too much? He couldn’t even state the BAC limits. It was like it was all silliness to him but he wanted everyone to know “I like beer.” One doesn’t have to agree that Ford was assaulted by him to think he’s not a suitable candidate for America’s highest court.

      “Dirigo” is our state motto which is Latin for “I Direct”. I love Maine!


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