Autumn’s Final Glow

I snapped these pics in the golden light of yesterday afternoon. It was the most beautiful foliage and leaf cover in our yard yet this season. Right now it’s pouring rain and we have a high wind advisory with gusts up to 50 mph, so by tomorrow morning most of the leaves will be down. I’m so glad I savored them and I hope you’ve enjoyed my fall foliage photos!

Maine Autumn Final Glow (8).jpg

Maine Autumn Final Glow (11).jpg

Maine Autumn Final Glow (10).jpg

6 thoughts on “Autumn’s Final Glow

    1. Eek! I’m so not ready for snow yet! December, OK. but many parts of Maine already have snow. Please refresh my memory of where you live?


  1. We just moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. But I am not ready for winter either. We’ve been living in the deep South for 20 years. I have no clothes, or boots, or blankets that can handle this weather! But it is lovely out here. We’re supposed to get another snowstorm Tuesday. I didn’t even have a window scraper for my car.

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    1. Girl!! You need to get a window scraper/snow brush combo ASAP and an emergency blanket to keep in your car at all times. I also keep hand warmers in my glove box. I hope you will start shopping ASAP to outfit your new life. How exciting!


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