Another Vintage Bedroom Mini Makeover

Not long ago I posted pics of my semi-complete bedroom mini-makeover featuring a vintage estate sale pink chenille pom pom bedspread and coordinating bed sheets. I had experimented with leaving my 1960s estate sale orange curtains up but decided to buy (gasp) new yellow curtains. I shopped online until I found thermal lined light yellow panels that I thought would look GREAT! But like so many new things these days they were outgassing a caustic chemical odor (GASP) so here’s what I did next.

They were machine washable so I followed the instructions yet the chemical smell lingered on. Not OK! I returned them. 

While I liked the idea of a cheerful pink bedspread through the winter we sleep with a wool blanket. Instead of putting the orange curtains back up…

Mid-Century Preppy Pink Yellow Orange bedding (9).jpg

…or the sheer ones I had purchased new-in-the-packages at the flea market that I had up with the gold bedspread …


I put up my estate sale 1950s barkcloth panels that are also turquoise, aqua and brown, very similar in design to the ones above that are synthetic and sheer. 


Unlike the drawbacks of the similar-looking drapes, barkcloth is thick enough to add insulation yet still allows light to come in. The large vibrant pattern makes it look like wallpaper!  (I also have a pleasant memory of when I bought the curtains. I was in an upstairs bedroom of the estate when I saw what looked like a hamper, and lifted the lid. Inside was a heaping pile of vintage linens with a pair of panels of the barkcloth set and was thrilled, yet that wasn’t enough for my bedroom. I went through another pile in a second bedroom and there was the rest of the set! I felt like I had won the lottery. I machine washed them in the gentle cycle when I got home and they held up beautifully. It’s happy memories like these associated with my finds that add warmth.)

The white sheets were a find at the same estate sale where I had purchased the orange curtains. I found five new old stock (with the tags) queen sized sheets that are as thick as a light blanket and silky soft.

We’re really happy with the way it all came together.

And there you have it, another “makeover” that cost about $20: $10 based upon what I paid for the vintage sheets and curtains plus $10 for new pillowcases.

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