Supernatural Stories for Halloween

I took the above photo some years ago. Although it’s just driftwood and seaweed I thought it looked like some kind of sea monster! I want to share four stories that happened to me, a couple of which are quite spooky.

My ex-husband and I had rented a farmhouse in rural Maine for a couple of years that was a bit isolated.  The first week we were there the bathroom sink faucet turned on by itself! We were talking when we both suddenly heard a rush of water in the sink. I went in and turned it off. It never happened again. Then during the day I sometimes noticed a cigarette smell coming from the staircase. It never lasted long and would disappear. One day the landlord was over and we were in the little in-law apartment attached to the house. For reasons unknown I always referred to it as “grandpa’s room.” I told her that I called it that and she asked me to repeat what I had just said. “That’s so funny you said that. We bought this house from a family and their grandfather was living in this room. He was a chain smoker and passed away at the foot of the staircase in your house.”


I was at an estate sale early (the day before) because I had set an appointment. It was just me and the seller in the empty house. I asked if the person had moved into assisted living. “No, she passed away.” And right after that we both heard a woman’s voice say “HELLO?!” We looked at each other and walked around the house. There was no one else there and the front door was closed.


Earlier today I had coffee with an acquaintance and it turned out that she used to live in the house next to mine before I bought it. She said that she loved to look out her window because the elderly lady enjoyed feeding the chipmunks that would come to her on the deck. She has since passed away and I got a warm feeling inside as if she has been watching over me and the chipmunks, maybe helping things along from up above!


I have been missing Wishy a great deal. Wayne came home the other day and showed me this photo. He took a different route home than usual when he saw this. I’d like to think it was some kind of sign from him!


Do you have any spooky stories or have you had any brushes with the supernatural??

9 thoughts on “Supernatural Stories for Halloween

  1. I don’t have anything worth mentioning but those kinds of stories always scared me when I was young. They are very interesting to me, though. I like the one about the elderly lady who used to live in your house feeding the chipmunks. And that license plate! I understand how you feel because I still miss my Teddy.

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    1. I know how close you were to him and you two had a long time together, so it’s natural that you will miss him. His sweetness came through all of your photos. ❤

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  2. Oh my gosh, Averyl! You must have been a nightmare to your friends as a child telling stories like that! lol!!!
    And you must be very sensitive to have had such experiences.
    I was in a second hand shop in Beaufort, SC, when I felt the Lord’s prompting, “Go talk to that lady.” There was a lady behind the sales counter.
    (I’m a chicken, but obedient.).”Ok, but please empty the store.” I had a strong impression something was going to happen. Two seconds later all the other customers left.
    It was time to keep my end of the deal.
    I took my purchases to the front, and started talking to the lady and told her I felt the Lord had asked me to talked to her. I don’t know when it started, but a thick, heavy presence grew up around us. It felt like electricity was shooting around. It was actually standing just to the left of us.
    I just kept my cool, and didn’t say anything, but the hairs on my head were starting to stick straight up. The lady’s grew giant and she suddenly said, “Something is in here!” And I said,”You feel that too?”
    I said I believed God sent me to her to pray for her, and did she need anything. In the most chipper, happy voice she said, “I’m dying! I have a brain tumor, and am dying in front of you!”
    So I prayed for the tumor to be healed, and for her to have a wonderful life.
    We moved after that so I didn’t get to find out what happed with her.

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    1. That’s an incredible story! I was on edge reading it! I trust that regardless of the outcome she felt a God connection through you and your willingness to follow that God voice within took courage.

      It’s true that I’ve always been sensitive and have enjoyed writing and sharing stories starting at a very young age. I wrote my first “book” at age six. ha.

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  3. What wonderful stories! Rory and I experience all sorts of synchronicity- type “events” and I have always had feelings, promptings and what I can only describe as innate knowledge. We believe it to simply how God has wired the universe to work and if you are aware, sensitive and obedient, God will speak! I just adore when “weird” things happen, but make sure to bring my awareness to God being the center of it.

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