Tacky Is As Tacky Does!

For the past five or so years I think of my special late friend “Mrs. T”, may she rest in peace, when I set up my vintage aluminum Christmas tree. For a year I visited with Mrs. T weekly at a local assisted living home for the elderly. She loved to hear about my yard sale adventures and what I had bought. “We used to call it junkin'” she informed me. Not that it matters, but Mrs. T was a very elegant lady. When I told her in the summer that I had purchased a beautiful vintage aluminum tree at a moving sale where the basement had been a private winter square dance hall she was thrilled! Not because of the square dancing but the tree: “I always wanted one but my husband wouldn’t allow it. He said it was tacky.”

She shared how sad she was and couldn’t wait to see photos of my tree.

Another favorite of hers was Pinky and Blue Boy, so when I saw a framed vintage set at a church rummage sale for $2 I bought them for her. Her response made me feel like I had spent a million as I hung them on her wall.

Sadly Mrs. T passed away before Christmas. Every year as I set up my tree I think of her and hope she is watching from above. She taught me that good taste never involves demeaning the taste of others. Like what you like, unless it doesn’t like you back! I like all 121 branches of vintage aluminum glory and loved the look on Wayne’s face when he came home yesterday from work and saw our tree.

5 thoughts on “Tacky Is As Tacky Does!

  1. Mrs. T is, I assume, having mock-tails, wearing a fancy frock and looking down with great pleasure as you decorate (some would say early, but I say right on time) for the holidays.
    As I always say, “Happy Hallowween- tomorrow is Christmas!”

    In other news: we found a 6 ft. silver pompom tree and bought it to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this last May. 10 years being aluminum and all… ha! I’m sitting on my hands waiting until the day Hanukkah ends to put up the tree.


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