St. David’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunk

Wayne and I are now members of St. David’s in Kennebunk during the off-season of St. Ann’s. We have some dear friends from St. Ann’s who are members and it’s a really good fit for us. Despite the half hour ride early in the very cold morning we enjoy it! I’ve come to realize that when the fit is right, it doesn’t feel like a hassle. Life is too precious, whether it be short or long, to not go someplace every week where we feel uplifted and what we can bring is appreciated.

Today after the early service there was an “alternative gift market” offering handmade treasures from Bethlehem and Haiti!

St Davids December Church Makrket (3).jpg

We bought these two peace dove ornaments made in Haiti from an upcycled steel oil drum.

St Davids December Church Makrket (4).jpg

I think this art glass made in Bethlehem is so pretty, so I bought it to use as a votive holder. (You all know how much I love candles!)

St Davids December Church Makrket (5).jpg

Also handmade in Bethleham is this cute chipmunk-sized creche carved from olive wood.

St Davids December Church Makrket (6).jpg

Earlier this week my father asked me seemingly out of nowhere whatever happened to “Snuggy” which was my fuzzy orange colored security blanket (some kind of groovy late 60s rendition, no doubt). I laughed because I still have it stored in a little plastic bag in my basement! Over time it had gotten whittled down into a small scrap. So when I saw this charming “prayer square” which was a free offering  I thought it was uncannily like my dear old Snuggy! I think there is power having having little symbolic reminders that we can discreetly access during the day!

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