Sickness and Self-Care

That cold I wrote about at Christmas, where I lost my voice? Turned out to be bronchitis which I haven’t had since high school. Cough suppressants, including a heavy duty prescription syrup did little to reduce my coughing fits, but I did have some relief from taking Olbas cough syrup which I highly recommend (and it’s alcohol-free).  Ricola Mixed Berry with Vitamin C (non-menthol) also continues to be helpful along with lots of tea and homemade chicken soup. My voice, although slowly coming back, is not my own!  I sound like a hard-livin’ chain-smokin’ barfly until I laugh. Then I sound like “The Nanny”!

I was given Z-Pack by a fill-in for my doctor over the holidays but had a bad reaction after a couple of doses so I stopped taking it. I met with my regular MD late last week who is monitoring those side effects which finally are subsiding, thankfully. He said my bronchitis is likely viral anyway since I’m on the mend.  My cough is now significantly less, fever is gone. I was coughing so hard he said that my rib and side pain is something called costochondritis.

I’m sad to report that Wayne is now sick possibly with the same bug. I’m well enough to take care of him and now smart enough to know that sometimes you have to cancel your schemes and dreams to get needed rest. He’s being a compliant patient for the most part and has called into work sick. I’ve been doing my best to not talk (like when he took me to the doctor last week and I refrained from back-seat driving!) and rest my upper body (no shoveling!). I’ve had to cancel more meetings and appointments which at first made me resentful. How dare my body betray me!

Arrogance, I now can see and admit.

My body and vocal cords need to heal. They’ve provided such great service almost of my life, even when I thought I had too much of a New York accent back when I first moved to New England. My body and life are on loan from God! I’m using this time to think of how grateful I am for years of good health and what a tiny price to pay for continued service. (I do admit that the worryer in me wonders: What if my voice doesn’t change back?!?!)

6 thoughts on “Sickness and Self-Care

  1. Oh no!! I had the exact same Christmas, New Year’s Day and birthday. My crud lasted about 3 weeks, all my plans were cancelled. While my normal voice came back, when I laugh, I still sound a bit “hard livin’” HA!
    I even broke out in hives from my antibiotic… truly a holiday season for the books. Praying for Wayne to heal quickly and for you to have strength to be his caregiver! Much love, dear friend!!

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    1. I was going to email you to see how you were doing, so glad you stopped by and left this update! That’s all around awful but so glad you’re mostly back to good! I’m seriously worried my voice is going to be stuck here, ha! Thank you for your love and prayers!!


  2. LOL! Well, if your voice stays that way you can start a new career voicing evil characters in animations.
    Glad to see you’re eating your chicken soup.

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