Would you like to live in Maine?

Coinciding with a recent news report about record-breaking prices and sales for Maine homes, in particular the county in which I live, a home three houses away from mine just went under contract in about twenty-four hours after being listed online. They didn’t even have time to put up the “for sale” sign. It last sold only a few years ago for about $50k less! Money magazine named South Portland, Maine as the best place to live in Maine. I lived there for seven years but love my town of Scarborough more! Even British people love my locale; the Guardian named Portland one of the best towns in the US! The photo above is of a family-owned dairy farm in the town of Falmouth where I lived for two years.

This “frenzy” reminded me that I’ve been wanting to ask those of you who don’t live in Maine but have either dreamed of or considered moving here: Do you have any questions about what it’s like to move and live in the greater Portland, Maine area? I’d be happy to answer your questions as best as I’m able! Just leave your questions in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Would you like to live in Maine?

  1. We were looking at Maine a couple of years ago. It so different from the other Eastern states. But we were wondering about the low school ratings. I didn’t get as far as looking into the homeschool community. I was just wondering where the better school districts are?

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    1. As far as high schools, Cumberland County, which is where I live. My town, Scarborough, is one of the top schools. Here is a list from US News from 2018:


      Out of the top six, five are in Cumberland County.

      Here are school rankings from Zillow:


      Since I don’t have kids in school I can’t speak from personal experience, but I have heard great things about the top schools on the list, especially the one in my town which I’ve heard from other parents.


  2. Just a few short years ago my wife and I took a trip through Maine on our way to Digby, N.S., Canada. We spent time in Brunswick and Orchard Beach. We also drove almost the entire coast just to see the sights. We would like to go back and visit Houlton, as it was founded by my many times great grandfather Joseph Houlton. It would be a great place to do some family research. However I do love New York and my Adirondack Mts. So while we had a great time in Maine I think I will stay where I am.

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    1. I’ve never been to Houlton or north of Orono. That is so cool that your great+++++ grandfather is the founder of Houlton! There are so many places in Maine I have yet to see but plan to do so. I also love the mountains of New York and can understand you wanting to stay. However, I would miss the coast too much. I discovered that when I was at UVM in Burlington. Despite the beauty of the mountains and Lake Champlain I felt landlocked.


      1. I really think it is what is imprinted on us when we are young. The mountains and Lake Champlain are what I am drawn to as I grew up in Plattsburgh, New York. I now live in Central N.Y. near the mountains, however I still feel so much better when I visit the Champlain Valley area.

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  3. Hi Averyl,
    It is so funny you wrote about answering questions about Maine. I live in Oregon now originally from NJ, been here 11 years, and all of the sudden missing the East. I have been mentioning New England, specifically Vermont, but my husband would be a hard sell on this idea, he loves Oregon. Also, he is a self employed contractor/carpenter, and he is a little scared of dealing with the cold again, and starting his business over again. I also mentioned Maine to him, but we really do not know much about it. I know there is good and bad everywhere. We have a 12 year old daughter whom has been homeschooled whom would love to go to school, but the schools here are terrible. Third lowest in the nation. I have read that most of New England has good schools. It is beautiful here, but for me its lacking in character and quaintness that you get from New England towns. Does Main get as much or more snowfall and cold temps, like Vermont? Do you know if its difficult to start up new small carpentry business? Thanks for you input.


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    1. Hi Christina! I believe Vermont and southern Maine generally are relatively similar as far as snowfall, but further up north in Maine there will be a lot more. However, living along the coast, we get less snow than inland. 😀 Living on the coast also affects the economic climate for contractors/carpenters. The vast majority of development is coastal because so many people want to live here, so a housing boom means more work for carpenters! I’m not familiar with the specifics of starting a carpentry business but I own my own business, an LLC,that I formed many years ago. We have Small Business Administration Center in Portland, the resources of which I utilized at the time. I don’t recall it being overly complicated. I do know for a fact that many contractors here will subcontract with carpenters for big jobs. It just seems like your husband would have a lot of opportunities where the housing market is growing.


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