Nellie’s “Certified Humane” Eggs?

Two years ago in the early spring I blogged about buying beautiful pullet eggs (shown above) from a local organic farm in my town. Off-season we’ve been buying “Certified HumaneNellie’s “Free Range” eggs. I decided to Google Nellie’s just now and am so disheartened to see this report about the cruel conditions of the chickens. I will never purchase Nellie’s eggs or trust the “Certified Humane” label on eggs again! (Update: check out this link “American Humane Scam” featuring Bob Barker!) It can be so hard to make informed food choices when we can’t even trust the “certification” labels! All the more reason to buy from trustworthy sources when the trustworthiness can be verified by you. Of course if you can realistically, affordably and humanely raise your own, that is ideal!

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Yesterday I took a trip to Frith Farm in Scarborough to buy some organic pullet eggs. It was a fun mini-adventure!

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      1. I was about 5 or 6 when it came down but it was a coup built on the back of their garage. They had a fenced in area (can’t remember the size) the chickens walked around in. They did not have many chickens not more than 6 at a time. By the way my grandfather could tell the difference in taste between a white shell egg and a brown one. He could always tell no matter how they tried to trick him. I would not think that that would be possible.

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