Be a Rebel. Eat a Potato!

I’m naughty, according to many “experts”. I eat a lot of potatoes! Potatoes have an unscientific and undeserved bad reputation among many who recoil at consuming carbohydrates. When I wrote my first vintage diet book I received some feedback from people stating that the wholesome foods I mentioned in the book, like potatoes, make people fat! They will give you diabetes! (Fact: the American Diabetes Association states you CAN have potatoes even when you have diabetes!)

The humble potato, instead of being branded as bad for you or any weight loss program, should have rock star food status. It’s subversive yet secretly healthy! Potatoes in raw form are inexpensive, simple to prepare, delicious and readily available at most grocery stores. They are also a Maine diet staple. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

One medium sized white potato is packed with the following nutrients (I used fitday for the calculations):

potato nutrition.jpg

But they have carbs!

Yes they do! Wonderful, energy-giving wholesome carbs! They’re also full of fiber!

Wayne and I have lost weight, saved money and maintained our health by including potatoes in our diet. We have potatoes at least four times a week.

Potatoes and carbs aren’t fattening! Eating too much (more than your body needs) is.

Potatoes aren’t unhealthy! How they are prepared and processed can change that, just like with carbs.

There’s a “vintage eating” website that states eating a low carb/keto diet is “vintage eating”. No way! Other than vintage fad diets or something medically prescribed, carbs were an integral part of the American diet before the majority of people were overweight.

Praise the Maine Potato (2).jpg

4 thoughts on “Be a Rebel. Eat a Potato!

  1. Wow! I love potatoes but had no idea how nutritious they are. Thanks for sharing! No wonder I feel both energetic and full when I eat them. Count me as a “Mrs. Potato Head,” I suppose. 😆

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