Beautiful Maine Made Cotton & Wool Blankets

Many of my long-time readers know how much I love vintage linens and changing up our bedding to create different looks. I broke from tradition last fall and bought a new (as in not new old stock but NEW new) wool blanket online that was made in France. Other than being a drab color like most every wool blanket on the market it seemed nice enough until I realized that the French on the label said it had been mothproofed! I do NOT want to have a chemical-treated blanket against my skin! I sent it back.

Wayne and I took a ride up to Freeport last weekend to buy him a few things at Brooks Brothers. Afterward we stopped in the Maine Woolens outlet. I had never been in it before and assumed they were selling ubiquitous made in China blankets perhaps with added kitschy lighthouses or starfish on them. I was not anticipating the wonderful surprise inside!

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (1).jpg

Beautiful first quality blankets woven in their Brunswick, Maine mill (I had no idea this existed) priced at full retail, so a couple hundred dollars or so for blankets. That’s very competitively priced! However, the best selection of blankets that I’ve ever seen was around the corner…

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (3).jpg

More retail blankets made from linen! So are you ready for the room of made in Maine magic?

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (2).jpg

One more view of the shop. Now we’re going out to the back room!

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (6).jpg

I mean. For. Real. This is for real. COLORS! You don’t have to go back to the 1950s and 60s, just go around the corner at the outlet store!

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (5).jpg

GINGHAM! This is a dream. But what about the prices? 

Maine Woolens Freeport Maine (4).jpg

Made in Maine Blankets (1).jpg

The queen size green and pink cotton chenille blankets were $30 each! The queen cotton gingham, also $30. The 100% wool blanket, $50. All are first quality, machine washable, according to the labels and tested and verified by me! I can’t wait to have fun layering them, and all of them cost us less than the one wool blanket I had purchased last fall. They even have a selection of “second quality” blankets priced lower: $15 for an imperfect made in Maine cotton blanket.

Vintage Linens (3).jpg

I can’t wait to coordinate and layer the blankets with my vintage bedding!

Isn’t it lovely knowing that these things still exist?

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Maine Made Cotton & Wool Blankets

  1. love the preppy colors- and the Lady Pepperell, of course. I’ve only ever found one (twin/ flat) sheet by that brand in a thrift store, so naturally I used it to make myself a circle skirt and a valance for the laundry room window 😉

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    1. Lady Pepperell was one of the better manufacturers for both style and high quality cotton. I can picture you in that skirt doing a load of laundry with the coordinating valance, so cute!

      Liked by 1 person

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