Happy Easter!

Buster was out early this morning before the rain and feasted on a slice of Mandarin orange and sunflower seeds. We went to church, enjoyed a lovely service and coffee hour before we came home to a simple Easter luncheon, the menu for which is now a tradition since we enjoyed it so much last year.

Easter Sunday 2019 (4).jpg

The sanctuary was filled with fragrant flowers.

Easter Sunday 2019 (3).jpg

Easter Sunday 2019 (5).jpg

Easter Sunday 2019 (1).jpg

“It may be raining but the Son has risen!” – Fr. Andrew.

Easter Sunday 2019 (6).jpg

Dapper Wayne driving.

Easter Sunday 2019 (7).jpg

Easter Sunday 2019 (8)

Our traditional simple Easter lunch menu: uncured pastrami, whole grain gluten-free bread, egg salad made organic local pasture-raised Frith Farm eggs, chopped coleslaw, sliced strawberries and sparkling water. Wayne made a sandwich with everything except for the strawberries. I love the combo of egg salad and pastrami but had the slaw and strawberries on the side. It’s so delicious! 

Easter Sunday 2019 (10).jpg

I save my late grandmother’s English china for Easter Sunday.

And now it’s time for a little nap.

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