The Retro Diet™

My book-in-progress, formerly The New England Diet, is now titled The Retro Diet. While Wayne and I live on a traditional New England diet, the principles and practices also draw from national sources. My first vintage diet book, American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s, was an in-depth look at the marketing of obesity to American women, the complicity of the medical profession and softening of metrics used to determine healthy weight. The Retro Diet is going to be a “how to” for both men and women with clear guidelines and meal planning suggestions. It’s not just a book about eating, but about living! Eating retro is a lifestyle filled with gratitude, simplicity and accountability.

But there will be something big missing from the book. Also, who am I, anyway, to write such a book?!


There will be no gimmicks. 


Why I’m uniquely qualified to write this book:

hand.jpgMasters-level educator skilled with motivating people to make positive changes with an emphasis on and experience with recovery from addictions and eating disorders.

handVintage diet nerd with her own personal library filled with hundreds of books, booklets and articles pertaining to diet and health published prior to 1970.

handKeeper, tester and re-creator of old and antique recipes, both from vintage cook books and handwritten recipe sources numbering in the thousands.

handProven winner in the weight-loss arena by losing and keeping off 10% of my body weight for ten years (with a few pounds of fluctuation).

handEating retro has changed my life! I am healthier, more alert and have a healthy relationship with wholesome food.

Why I want to write it:

Because I found something that changed my life! It changed Wayne’s, too! I believe it can benefit many others!

**Update: Why I can’t afford to write this book**

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    1. Thank you, Heather! It meant a lot to me when I learned you “found” me from reading my first book.


  1. Hi Averyl, I used to follow you on your AWDGFIT50’s blog, and enjoyed every minute! New England is my dream destination- I hope to travel there one day. I decided to check out your current blog today, after some time, and I’m very excited to hear about the new book! I wish you only the best and look forward to reading it.

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    1. Hi Chrissy!!! (Of course) I remember you! Thank you for checking out my blog and your encouragement! I hope you’ll stick around my blog, especially since you are a fan of New England, too! 🙂


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