Early Garden Prep

We’ve been having a record-breaking cold and rainy spring so far but it’s still time to start with gardening prep, both ornamental and vegetable. It might seem strange to those not from Maine to think of people flocking to the plant nurseries in wet and blustery cold weather to buy annuals that will only live for a short season. It makes complete sense, however! Summer in Maine is a Very Special Occasion deserving of festive flowers and the planting beautiful life forms. It’s still too early to plant, but never too soon to buy as long as you can keep the plants warm.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (7).jpg

Our tulips still have not opened.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (4).jpg

The Forsythia in our yard isn’t as full as usual and the trees are still bare.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (5).jpg

However, the ferns are coming up in our woods…

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (6).jpg

…and the wild daffodils have blossomed.

Buster the Chipmunk.jpg

I paid Buster a visit while I was near his burrow in the woods.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (8).jpg

The succulents are thriving and shockingly hardy.

Pink roses in their containers waiting to be planted

In addition to planting more roses we’ll be buying annuals for the planters around our yard.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (3).jpg

Wayne will be planting Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Carolina Gold tomatoes and Hansel eggplant in our garden beds. Until it’s safe for the seedlings they will be staying inside.

Early May Garden Prep in Maine (2).jpg

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    1. Yes! Right now the sun sun is shining bright and it’s warm (high near 60 today). Already there is more noticeable bloom…and the tulips have opened for the first time! 😀

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  1. Oh my! Same for us out here! We put in new low water/ local plantings in our tiny back yard garden beds Sunday & Monday and we’ve had rain and cold ever since… we also switched our heater to A/C yesterday and today we are really wishing we hadn’t (brrrrrrrrr) I guess we jumped the gun. I *thought* it was Spring!

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