Sunny’s Miracle

The last time we saw Sunny, the chipmunk who had only a stub left of her tail, was a few days after our wedding in September. According to my research chipmunk’s tails do not grow back. As you can see in the photo above from last summer, whatever happened to Sunny caused her to lose not just her tail but the fur around it. Because the other chipmunks went underground for their winter torpor at the same time (one to two months earlier than the year prior) I was confident then that she was safe in her burrow. Even though I hadn’t seen her this spring I wasn’t giving up since we’ve had so many cold rainy days that it has felt more like March than May.

This morning after more days of cold rain the sun rose and quickly warmed things. I still had seen no sign of her, even after I walked over to her house entrance and called her name.  Not long afterward I was standing in my backyard speaking with a salesman about an estimate when Sunny suddenly appeared (after Buster had followed me around like a little puppy and Tailor tried to chase him away)! However, what I saw next filled with such hope and joy that I had to share it with you here!

Chipmunk Grows Back Tail Sunny's Miracle (12).jpg

Look at her and…what’s going on with her tail??

Chipmunk Grows Back Tail Sunny's Miracle (1)

I absolutely love that not only is she alive, our little underdog chipmunk, and that she came over to me, but that nature gave her tail stump a new coiffe!

Chipmunk Grows Back Tail Sunny's Miracle (11)

Chipmunk Grows Back Tail Sunny's Miracle (3)

Or perhaps it’s God’s way of giving her a cute little prosthetic tail!

Chipmunk Grows Back Tail Sunny's Miracle (4)

When we feel broken or like the sun may never shine again, nature’s got us covered, but in her time and way.

8 thoughts on “Sunny’s Miracle

  1. Aw, good for Sunny! She is a little spiritual teacher, a lesson in resilience and survival! I can’t believe her tail grew in like that. Bud is recovered from his recent fall. I saw him the other day doing crossfit with random twigs and debris. He and Budrina Squirrelington are expecting. Budrina has been stealing stuff off of people’s patios to build her nest. It’s madness out there…

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