Out Picking: Antique Embalming Fluid Crates from Boston!

This past Sunday on the way to church Wayne and I stopped at the flea market, or rather, he sat in the car to read the New Yorker as I made my rounds. I had decided earlier in the week that the antique primitive jelly cupboard that I had repurposed into a shoe closet in my home office is too glorious to not be in my kitchen. I simply needed to find three antique crates that would stack nicely to coordinate with the others I had to take its place.

While I think it’s a sin to pray for material possessions, especially luxury wishes, the flea market fairies with whom I had shared my wishes delivered in a very crafty way!

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (2).jpg

I have many collecting interests and I do appreciate antique death-related items, so when I looked up the Dodge Chemical Company and saw the stamp “Pyramid” on the crates I learned that these were used to ship embalming fluid which made me even happier with them! What’s really unique about this set of three is that at some point someone nailed them together to make them into shelves. Just what I wanted!

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (4).jpg

Here it is with the other side up; you can see the different font and advertising.

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (3).jpg

The old paper shipping label addressed to the funeral director partially remains.

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (9).jpg

This is the antique farmhouse jelly cupboard I had been using for shoe storage which is now in my kitchen; it replaced a freestanding 1960s white metal and chrome cabinet.


Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (11).jpg

Love that old latch.

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (7).jpg

Here are the embalming crates with their new life as shoe shelves!

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (1)

Embalming Fluid Wood Crate (5).jpg

Along the same lines of dark subject matter I also bought this vintage oil on board painting. It has a bit of damage but it doesn’t detract from the night scene of a forlorn-looking man surrounded by suggestions of debauchery. The sepia colors add to the mood. I really like this piece because of how human that man looks. I think we can all relate to times when we felt surrounded by darkness, even just reading the headlines! As long as we still feel pain and don’t become cold and hardened, hope is alive and there’s reason to rejoice.

I love collecting old things!

2 thoughts on “Out Picking: Antique Embalming Fluid Crates from Boston!

  1. so cool! I, too, enjoy the old/weird/death/catholica vintage items! talk about having a STORY! in other news: lets talk about the beige and navy sling back espadrille shoes on display!! perfect mix of groovy & preppy. who makes them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! So at least one person reading doesn’t think it’s a freakish thing. 🙂 The shoes are by Clarks, my go-to brand for secretly “comfortable shoes” that are also preppy/groovy!


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