Holiday Weekend Gardening

Wayne has been working six days a week for the past couple of weeks, so a three day weekend gave him more time….to work on our organic vegetable garden! I selected our annuals and living accents. Here’s how it all came together:

Annuals (2).jpg

Pink petunias for the front door we never use. (It’s a Maine thing to never use the front door!)

Annuals (1).jpg

Verbena, Calibrachoa and Petunias for the barrel planter in our front yard.

Maine Gardening (17).jpg

More Calibrachoa…

Maine Gardening (8).jpg

And even more, hanging. They are such beautiful, colorful flowers that thrived at our house last year which is why I felt comfortable buying many more this season.

Maine Gardening (6).jpg

This bumble bee appeared seconds after I hung the plant on our deck.

Maine Gardening (16).jpg

Our Azalea is almost in full bloom! The Rhododendrons should be blossoming very soon.

Maine Gardening (5).jpg

Maine Gardening (7).jpg

The succulents survived the winter in our vintage donkey planter, so I decided to buy more.

Maine Gardening (13).jpg

I planted them in the pair of vintage Grecian urns by our side door (that’s really like our front door).

Maine Gardening (2).jpg

Maine Gardening (12)

Wayne planted the new colorful pink and coral roses after transplanting the white roses to the back side of our house.

Maine Gardening (11).jpg

Next, the vegetable garden.

Maine Gardening (28)

Maine Gardening (19).jpg

Setting up the  new irrigation system!

Maine Gardening (20).jpg

Maine Gardening (29).jpg

Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Carolina Gold tomatoes and Hansel eggplant planted!

Maine Gardening (9).jpg

The lovely ferns and wild daffodils in our woods.

Maine Gardening (18).jpg


Maine Gardening (22).jpg

He really lived up this wonderful day in Vacationland as Wayne continued working.

Maine Gardening (1).jpg

The netting is up, which means he’s all done until it’s time to put in the stakes!

Maine Gardening (4).jpg

Wayne was treated to a special dinner. I made rib eye steaks from cows pasture raised in Maine with mashed potatoes and Wayne’s favorite, a hot chocolate chip cookie cake for dessert (it’s my own recipe.)


Maine Gardening (26)

4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Gardening

  1. I am envious of your backyard with those all those beautiful tall trees. 🙂 Was that a cardinal perched on that rail/bench?

    Also, how do you tend to your garden with the netting up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We love the tall trees, too, but you won’t envy us when it’s time to rake the leaves in the late fall. 😀

      Yes, it’s a sweet cardinal who visits often. 🙂

      As for how we get in to tend the garden, two years ago I came up with a way to make a “door” with the netting. Here is a post about it. If you scroll down towards the end you’ll see how it works:


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