Yesterday I Celebrated 25 Years of Sobriety!

I am truly blessed and humbled to have reached such a milestone. Wayne and I went out to dinner yesterday to mark the occasion. I have many things to share about my sober journey; so much so that I’m going to write a book. Yes, that’s now two books in the works! Additionally, the summers in Maine seemingly last only a New York minute and they are joyfully filled with outdoor pursuits and relaxation. For those reasons I haven’t the time to post here as much as I have the past two years, but I’m not going away! I’ll still be posting here, just with less frequency. I’m also actively updating my Instagram account since I find it quick and easy to do so when time is limited, so let’s stay connected!

15 thoughts on “Yesterday I Celebrated 25 Years of Sobriety!

  1. Congratulations on your 25 years of sobriety! God bless you! I understand your short summers….I am not sure we are even going to have much of one this year in Oregon.

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