Yankee Thrift Is Good Business

Hello everyone! What a lovely summer it has been here in Maine! I hope to share a garden update within the next couple of weeks.

I’m thrilled to announce that I have begun writing a secret book that I think you will enjoy reading once it’s complete! It’s like my fingers are on FIRE* when I sit with my laptop each morning.

Now that I’m embracing writing as a full-time job as a means for an income I have to be business-like in my approach in addition to having enough passion about the material to keep me energized. A nice problem to have is that I have more interesting projects than I do time. I wish to continue blogging here, too, and that is income-free but not without expense. That’s why I apply good old Yankee Thrift to business savvy decision-making!

I have had a “come to Jesus” moment about writing a follow-up book about my retro diet. Humbly shared, I don’t have the means to do it. I presently have an outline, organized my vintage research materials (which did not come inexpensively!) and vast knowledge for the subject.  The reality is that I can’t afford to invest my time in the heavy research and formatting issues to continue writing a follow-up book of its kind. Transcribing the many vintage passages I wish to include, digitizing the vast array of vintage images that people appreciated seeing in my first book and all of the technicalities that are involved with turning that into a Kindle book involves a large investment. All of that doesn’t include actually writing the book! That means that writing a book of this magnitude would take years without any income generated until the end–with no guarantee that I will profit from my hard work. That’s not a sustainable option.

Then I had an idea. Rather than abandoning the book all together, if there is enough interest to support it, “The Retro Diet” can be a dedicated, separate subscription-based blog (Patreon). In addition to what would have been in my book it could include commentary on current diet news from a vintage perspective, much like I did on my former complimentary blog for my first vintage diet book (which was very popular)! Also included would be a private interactive online community. 

As always I’m interested in your thoughts! I hope you are all taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.

*”FIRE” is also a hint about the subject!

10 thoughts on “Yankee Thrift Is Good Business

  1. That seems so much more do-able for you. I’m definitely interested, as I’m always chomping at the bit for more of your work on the topic. You have to get paid for your knowledge and expertise.

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      1. That’s awesome! I’ve inspires one of my two readers, LOL! Writing is tough. All creativ work is. i work from home but I don’t make anything. I’m holding out for someday, but bills gotta get paid. I follow an authour on IG named Latham Thomas who just posted yesterday, “The information is free, but my energy is expensive.” People aren’t paying just for the content at hand; they’re paying for the years of investment, expertise, and physical/mental/emotional/spiritual energy that you’ve spent getting to the point of drafting that post or writing that chapter. I’m trying to get that through my own
        head right now.

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  2. Well, alrighty, then! Makes perfect sense to me. Being married to a writer, aI have an idea of how much work goes into creation, but your area of expertise adds so much more to the effort. Your creative solution of a subscription-only blog is just perfect! I’m looking forward to future announcements.

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  3. Having been with you through several iterations of your blog I am with you on this, too! Your knowledge and experience in this area is too valuable to be limited to what would essentially be, for you, an unworkable platform. I’m excited already!

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  4. I would definitely be interested in the subscription blog, if you choose to do it! 🙂 Now you’ve got my interest piqued on this new book! Can’t wait to hear more.

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