Mosquitoes and the Magic of Summer

Minutes ago a mosquito followed me into my house and then into my home office. I have been trying to get away from it since it bit me in the neck when I sat down at my desk, at which point I looked in the mirror to see how bad the bite was. Besides its sneaky snack attack it had followed me around the house and in the mirror I could see it was flying up and down around the rest of my neck. Rather than smacking myself while trying to send it onward to its next spiritual station I ran back into my office. Hopefully I’m good for now.

Ever since I wrote my post about it not making economic sense for me to work on a follow-up retro diet book when I admitted to myself (and all of you!) that it would be cost-prohibitive, I’ve been enjoying a sense of relief. I appreciate those of you who commented or emailed to let me know you’d be interested in a fee-based subscription newsletter!

Even so, there presently isn’t enough of a subscription base to launch it right now. I have no doubt those numbers would increase with advertising, but that requires more of an investment on my part which I don’t have to give to it right now. But again, I’m now free to pursue writing that I believe will be more rewarding!

The secret book I have commenced writing is still in progress, and I hope to have it complete by summer of 2020. It’s a pleasure to write and I will drop more hints this fall. In the meantime here are some scenes from my summer for those of you who aren’t on Instagram:

The ice cream cone above was locally made organic blueberry maple swirl with a crushed maple infused potato chip topping on a warm gluten-free waffle cone from an ice cream truck. The magic of a Maine summer is real!