Forbidden Fruit on Friday the 13th

At the express check-out line at Whole Foods this morning I was greeted by the cashier who often checks me out weekly, so to speak. He’s always very jovial, not just to me but everyone, but he said something that startled me!

“You are a great lover.”

What did he just say?! I immediately blushed and said nervously laughing, “What do you mean I’m a great lover!”

The guy at the register right in front of mine looked over at me and smiled. I blushed even more as I turned away from him and back to the register scale where Mr. Jovial was weighing my two bags of organic grapes. Then I realized that he had said “grape lover” with his thick foreign accent.


I know this pic of Ricky eating a green tomato is blurry–I took it through my window. Normally I give her an organic green grape a few times a week but I had run out and too many days had passed for her liking. I can only surmise that as she sat on the deck railing looking at our garden tomatoes (and she knew I was watching from the window), and then reached over with both of her paws, pushed down very hard on a large green tomato three times until it let go and fell to the ground that she imagined she was getting a giant green grape! (Before this none of our chipmunks have ever entered our garden!)

One other off-beat tidbit is that on my way to the store the oldies DJ on XM was talking about that time Snoopy ran for President. That was news to me, but while he was saying this a white car with black trim in front of mine at the red light had a SNOOPY1 license plate. Weird!

It’s a pretty quirky Friday the 13th! I hope you enjoy yours!


6 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit on Friday the 13th

  1. Averyl, oh my gosh! Your Whole Foods encounter had me cracking up, and something that would happen to me. Well, when your a grape lover it shows. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ Your chipmunk is so very cute!

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