Local Color

While out walking in my neighborhood just now I saw a very little boy riding an even smaller peddle car. His grandmother was walking slightly ahead of him. He was going slowly which is to be expected. I smiled and said hello as I breezed past them.

“Why isn’t this going faster?” he asked his grandmother.

I thought that was such cute, innocent kid logic. If you see other cars zooming past, or an older lady walking more quickly then your ride, it’s a natural question, isn’t it?

“It only goes as fast as you go,” she replied simply yet very wisely.

What a great metaphor!

About ten minutes afterward I passed two little girls wearing floppy hats sitting outside in their yard in front of easels with their parents. They were engaged in plein air painting of the colorful trees around them. What a wonderful and very Winslow Homer-esque sight that was to see instead of kids looking into a computer screen or using an app! The scene really looked like a painting.

I’ll be soon posting photos from the peak fall foliage road trip Wayne and I took this morning. Maine is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world right now!

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