Read My 1950s Diet Book for Free!

Did you know that the impetus for writing American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s in 2013 was the book French Women Don’t Get Fat? History shows that the American diet offered great examples of how we used to eat and enjoy our food in absence of the obesity epidemic we have today. For a limited time you can read my book American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve kept my weight off since then and I’ve lost much more than weight as a result of changing my diet and mindset to a simpler, more old-fashioned way of eating! Here are a few things I “gave up” when I started moving more and eating healthy foods in moderation:

Food Obsessions

Truth is I can’t moderate eating highly processed junk food so I don’t eat it! Junk food advertising and cultural norms no longer sway me to betray myself. When I stopped feeding the craving the “food” lost its power over me. This isn’t a naive statement. Many of you know I’m over twenty-five years sober and quit smoking in 1999. I’m biologically predisposed to having an addictive relationship with certain substances. I opt out daily!

Fad Diets

I eat carbs, meat, butter and dessert with the smarts I learned from vintage principles.

High Cholesterol/Blood Pressure

I’m not 25 or 35. I’ll soon be 52. I shed some medical issues when I lost 10% of my weight. By eating wholesome foods and becoming more active it can only help and not hinder good health.

Six years later reviews of my diet book continue to reflect a diverse readership:


When I published my book I was worried that no one would read it. Instead, people were reading and having some strong reactions! I’ve heard from so many readers who emailed me or found and follow my blogs because my book helped them. But I’ve also read some reviews from people unhappy with the message.

I’ve learned since then that I can’t control how people will interpret my words. I always strive to be clear and kind but how it’s received is not indicative of my intent. Some reviewers think the message of my book is mean and encourages fat-shaming. No doubt the dietary advice of the 1950s is offensive to some today. My goal was to present it as it was compared to today and dissect the differences. A new yet outdated perspective can change our thinking. It helped me immensely and I hope it will continue to motivate others to think differently about the current American diet!

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    1. Thank you! The Maine Rebekah’s cook book from the 20s and another from the 30s are heavily used, but all of my vintage Maine cook books see a lot of mileage for sure!


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