Late October Gratitude

“A snug and a clean home, no matter how tiny it be, so that it be wholesome; windows into which the sun can shine cheerily; a few good books (and who need be without a few good books in these days of universal cheapness?)–no duns at the door, and the cupboard well supplied, and with a flower in your room! There is none so poor as not to have about him these elements of pleasure.” -Samuel Smiles, Eliza Cook’s Journal, 1850

There was a lone late October rose growing on one of the bushes that I cut and placed in a stem vase today. I came across the above quote minutes afterward! It really speaks to me. One doesn’t need to be poor or have a large, modern kitchen to enjoy the many riches to be found in the simple things! Here are some more gifts I’m appreciating right now:

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (1).jpg

This past weekend Wayne removed the netting and cleaned out the garden beds. Ricky the chipmunk enjoys green tomatoes so he left her the cherry tomatoes remaining on the vine. Wayne loves our chipmunks.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (2).jpg

We raked the leaves of the trees that are now bare which is about half of them; the other half are peaking now.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (3).jpg

I’m so glad the powerful bomb cyclone left the leaves on these trees so we can enjoy their golden light.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (4).jpg

That’s Ricky on the step. Buster and Sunny are also out and about so I have some more time to enjoy my little friends before they go underground for the winter.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (6).jpg

Wayne fixed the broken window that the storm broke when the wind blew it out of the frame and onto the glass table in our sunroom. When I vacuumed up the glass from the seat cushions one of them tore open. The fabric was very vintage and had given us and guests a lot of great usage over the years, and I had only paid $35 for the whole set at a Prouts Neck estate sale, so I was at peace with having to buy new ones.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (7).jpg

They cost more than the table and chairs! It’s unpleasant buying new made in China things from big megastores that cost more in all ways, but sometimes that’s the most affordable and reasonable option considering talent, time and budget. Even though I have a house filled with mostly vintage items, I don’t live in a magical vintage bubble. Darn.

Simple Living in Maine Fall 2019 (5).jpg

Loving this light!

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