Passing Beauty and My New Friend

Maine’s autumnal show ain’t over til it’s over! There is still much to appreciate right now including my new chipmunk friend, Cider. At first I thought he lived in my neighbor’s yard but I followed him home and see that he’s living on the other side of my house. About four days ago Buster and Ricky went south (a few feet) underground for the winter so they aren’t here to chase Cider away. Sunny is still awake but I know that she, too will soon be in torpor for winter and the passing of summer’s growth will be complete once it’s covered with a cold white blanket. Thankfully that’s not happening in the near future!

Here are some pics I just took to share all this remaining loveliness with you, including Cider’s audition to be a model.

Late Autumn Passing (1).jpg

The forsythia bush produces yellow flowers in the spring, provides cover for the birds and chipmunks in the summer followed by this splendid show.

Late Autumn Passing (7).jpg

The azalea went from purple, then green to a final crimson blush.

Late Autumn Passing (9).jpg

Brown leaves, a dying art form.

Late Autumn Passing (5).jpg

These flowers are very special because we never planted them. I saw Tailor in the hanging plant early on in the summer so we think that she brought some of the calibrachoa here where it seeded. They continue to thrive despite it being past their season.

Late Autumn Passing (8).jpg

A lone, late budding rose.

Late Autumn Passing (3)

The cute maple saplings are just now turning colors.

Late Autumn Passing (10)

Late Autumn Passing (11)

Late Autumn Passing (2).jpg




Cider the Chipmunk (2)

Cider the Chipmunk (4)

Late Autumn Passing (4)


Does Cider have what it takes to be my model for this year’s Christmas card?

Christmas Cider Chipmunk (1).jpg

We’re working on it…

17 thoughts on “Passing Beauty and My New Friend

    1. He is so fun and the tail pic cracks me up! If he goes into torpor later than the other chipmunks we’ll have time to work on set and I think he’ll be a pro!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your pictures make me long for Maine even worse than I already am! I’ve been on a mission to find New England blogs to follow as I’ll be moving there from California sometime between June and September…I simply cannot wait! So glad I found you!

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  2. Aww, Cider! Do you think she’s one of the five babies from this summer? I think she’s going to have a wonderful career as a model. How incredible to live surrounded by so much autumn beauty.

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    1. I feel so fortunate!

      Cider doesn’t look like any of the babies; they looked like their father who is long and lean. I believe some of the babies are living in our woods from what I’ve observed. Cider seems to be older and does have a clean battle scar of a small hole in one of his/her ears so I do think Cider is older. Having said this, Ricky emerged this morning and chased Cider away! Drama!

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      1. I want to add that Cider is still highly visible, running back and forth with acorns to his burrow. I think we’ll have future ops for hanging out and working the lens!

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      2. We had that sort of drama here too. Bud Squirrelson has been MIA for months, and Budrina Squirrelington turned out to be Budrino, so it seems that Budrino finally got old enough to become alpha squirrel. He’s wiry and fierce. No one touches his nuts.

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