Last Call for the Real Deal

We ran out of fresh picked apples last week so I bought some “local” (New England but not from Maine) “apples” from the grocery. Those mealy imposters were shameful! I was reminded that “local” is often used very liberally to extend to surrounding states hundreds of miles away and does not mean picked yesterday, last week or even in the past month. It’s the same with grocery tomatoes. After I tasted home grown I couldn’t go back to those hard waxy pale orange replicas. Wayne agrees, so it’s for those reasons that we went apple picking this morning in thirty degree weather. It’s the last weekend for picking apples at our favorite orchard, Libby & Son U-Picks, and it turned out to be filled with simple beauty.

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (1)

The remaining apples were all towards the tree tops. This forced me to look up and see them in a new light.

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (2)

The sunshine on the golden leaves was so pretty!

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (3)

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (5)

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (11)

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (14)


The orchard was extremely quiet, too. It was so peaceful.

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (9).jpg

The blueberry fields had turned crimson.

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (6)

We picked many big and beautiful apples.

Apple Leaves Dead Leaves (7)

Nineteen pounds at only .99 a pound! It was hard walking away from the remaining apples. I wanted to pick them all and magically save and savor them through the winter in their crisp, crunchy, juicy fresh-from-the tree state. It’s that whole shelf-life thing that always messes with trying to hoard the ephemeral.

14 thoughts on “Last Call for the Real Deal

    1. Homegrown tomatoes home grown tomatoes
      Wha’d life be without homegrown tomatoes
      Only two things money can’t buy
      That’s true love and homegrown tomatoes

      From the John Denver song “Homegrown Tomatoes”!

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  1. Ran across your blog while looking for the recipe for Suzie’s Sassy Sauce (I had it and lost it… typical for me). Looks like I’m going to spend the rest of the night reading!

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    1. As long as I’ve lived in New England this was the first time I had experienced such beautiful apple tree foliage because I had never been apple picking this late. I want to experience it every year from now on!

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    1. The normal price is $1.49 but they marked it down because it was so late in the season. The orchard we go to has a website that they update daily during the season and they include what’s available for picking. I hope you can score some late crispy deals!

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