I’m Popular?

I put up a “No Soliciting” sign on my door about five years ago and since that time I’ve learned that either people (politicians, religious pamphlet types, contractors, but no Avon ladies [do they still exist?]) don’t know the meaning or they believe that they are exempt. If I put up a “No Panhandling” sign on my office window I suppose it would be merely decorative if that.  This squirrel was waiting for me, the seed lady, to take a break and look outside my window and then hopefully give him or her seeds on the deck just like I do for Cider. But that didn’t work…

Panhandling Squirrel (2).jpg

“Maybe if I sit on top of the shelter where the seed lady feeds that spoiled chipmunk she’ll take mercy on me.”

Panhandling Squirrel (3).jpg


Panhandling Squirrel (4).jpg

“Maybe if I just hang out under here she won’t know the difference.”

I’m not frugal when it comes to feeding the chipmunks. I buy them organic grapes and pounds and pounds of the finest preservative-free seeds I can find, so I do have to draw the line someplace!


9 thoughts on “I’m Popular?

    1. The curious thing is that we’ve had more acorns on the ground than usual this fall so there’s plenty of food to go around. I guess forbidden fruit is seedier, or something like that!

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    1. Oh so it’s not just me, then. I thought maybe I really was that popular, ha. That’s a great idea about the squirrels!


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