And now a word from my blog sponsor, Informed Bliss

Sometimes I can’t contain my joy for living in such a beautiful place, but really, why would I want to? Is it because we’re trained to think that happiness springs from ignorance, so that only simple-minded people are content? Or is informed bliss (the name of my first blog in 2001) in a world filled with sadness and tragedy along with comfort, kindness and connection a real possibility?

YES! Yes it is!

Although my nightmares have been significantly reduced they have been replaced by exhausting dreams so that some mornings I wake up tired. Some of these dreams seem so silly and make me laugh once I’m awake, like having to get to NYC from Maine on a skateboard along the interstate at sundown. It’s still progress and I’m no longer afraid to go to sleep. Most nights I actually look forward to it. That is a real gift.

What has always sustained me and now brings me true joy is when I’m experiencing and appreciating the beauty of Maine and the outdoors.


I still live with bad memories springing from my childhood traumas that changed my brain chemistry and stress response. I’m very strong willed and spent years thinking I can simply push them out of my head but that actually gave them power over me. You know what helps me transcend them?


It started with Wishy when he walked into my life two years ago at my lowest point with nightmares. I sometimes gave up hope of ever feeling real internal peace.

Wishy Squirrel.jpg

Wishy taught me that it’s hard to stay down when I’m up off my butt and outside in November, a time when I’d usually be inside and in my head more than I should be. He was game for doing the silliest photo shoots I could come up with on the fly. What really touched my heart was how much he trusted me. Chipmunks are very hypervigilant, as am I, yet Wishy overcame that to be my friend, and I, his.

The chipmunks and theatrics happening in my back yard, the places I visit which I showcase on my blog along with the ocean and thousand things I love about Maine continually show me the importance of getting out of my head and chair and into the divine.

I hope that no matter where you live you can take some time to immerse yourself in something true and not of the human-made world. I hope that my blog offers you a little virtual escape, too!

Ferry Beach 2.jpg

For all things come from Thee oh Lord, and from Thine own have we given Thee.

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