Things I Didn’t Buy Today

We drove up to L.L.Bean early this morning because I wanted to see their silk long underwear in person before buying it. I last wore L.L.Bean’s silk underwear during the winters I spent up in Orono for college back in the 1980s. Wearing a silk top and leggings is a natural, comfy and effective layering strategy to stay warm outdoors in the winter. Long-time readers know my relationship status with Bean is complicated. I’m still willing to try every so often. Plus, I like to see the fish!

L.L (1).jpg

It’s a good thing we went because the silk underwear they’re now selling is nothing like what I recall. Instead of a long, form-fitting top it’s now much thinner, boxy and shorter with a very low scoop neck. Passed on that.

Bad Buy (2).jpg

I was a bit shocked at the fact that their brand new cashmere sweaters come prepopulated with pills for a New England old money hand-me-down look. Or maybe it’s just poor quality. Marketing genius or fail, it’s not a good purchase at $99 each.

L.L (2).jpg

Getting ready for holiday decorating.

Bad Buy (3)

Over at Whole Foods on the way home I saw this Brine & Seasoning Kit on display next to the turkeys. There’s nothing wholesome or Thanksgiving-like about placing bagged spices inside wasteful plastic clamshell packaging.

Bad Buy (4).jpg

Besides that this isn’t an appetizing presentation, again, what is up with the wasteful packaging this time courtesy of Bell & Evans?!

Bad Buy (5).jpg

I really wish Whole Foods would remove this from the check-out aisles. First of all, can we as a society stop equating “partying” with the over-consumption of alcohol? You will have a better morning GUARANTEED if you party smart which means you drink responsibly or for those of us in recovery or who simply don’t want to drink have chem-free beverages. Besides it being thrifty to spend little to no money on alcohol you won’t need to buy any hangover helpers which is possibly the least of one’s problems if you’re “partying” that hard.

11 thoughts on “Things I Didn’t Buy Today

  1. I agree with you about the over packaging. We forget as a society that the Three Rs begin with REDUCE, then REUSE, and finally, RECYCLE. The reduce part we have the most control over, we can make the decisions how we want to purchase our foods, even if that sometimes means not getting exactly what we want. I make a point of talking to the markets when I see something really outrageous. The response is usually “people like it.” Just gotta keep trying. PS that sweater was horrible!

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  2. Absolutely! And regarding the sweater, I just don’t get it. I mean I get poor production but I don’t understand it reaching the point of being proudly displayed for sale in their flagship store. Apparently there is no quality control in the store as a last line of defense.


  3. This summer I came upon some really expensive designer sneakers. Which looked beat up and dirty!! And still cost an arm and a leg. So maybe this is a thing now? Haha we can dig our old sweaters and sneakers out and look super trendy… Erm no thank you!

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  4. Wow, I always loved LL Bean, but this is so sad and true for so much these days. And that cashmere…ick. Cheap cashmere is literally the junk swept off the floor, leftover from the good stuff, and made into affordable cashmere pieces. I noticed this with J. Crew cashmere sweaters years ago. That one on the top of the stack in your photo looks worse than the others. Either this is the one everyone tries on before rejecting it, or someone wore it a bit before returning it. Just sad.

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    1. It’s definitely possible that it’s the one everyone tries on or a return, but the ones underneath weren’t that great. Some of the online reviews mention that it pills very easily.

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  5. Haha! I saw that sweater picture and thought “Wow! That’s been handled rough!” I can’t believe marketers actually think the thrift movement is about looking old. How about dropping the price $50?
    I’m in the fence and the chicken packaging. On the one hand you know nothing is getting into it. Not even you. Unless you have a circular saw. 😂. On the other hand it’s the most annoying packaging ever…..hence the circular saw.
    I suppose the best option would be a backyard chicken concern. I was raised on a ranch but never cleaned chickens. Isn’t that pitiful?
    And chickens have the sweetest personalities. They’re all heavy and warm in your arms and love a good cuddle.
    Okay…… I don’t think I can eat chickens anymore. 💔

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