Photographing Wildlife

I looked outside my window at 6:50 a.m. this morning and saw Cider who also saw me. He gets very animated when we make eye contact. It was going to start raining the next hour followed by at least two days of a mix of snow and ice. I knew it might be my only chance to get my Christmas card photo before he went underground until spring!

It can be challenging working with non-traditional models. You can’t make an appointment with them for a photo shoot because it’s on their terms and timeline. They will NOT work for free. You will have to pay the talent in seed currency as you go, no exceptions.

Although I had just dressed and my hair was still wet I ran outside with my vintage Christmas photo props and jar of seeds. I didn’t even pause to put on a coat despite it being 40 degrees.

Cider is a natural! He put up no fuss whatsoever if I gently moved his tail so that it was in the photo. He was an incredibly good sport working with the different props. What do think he made of all of those 1950s knee-hugger elves? (I had purchased a gigantic collection of them at the flea market many years ago for pennies each.) I was giggling so much I didn’t even feel cold. I took over one hundred photos and am so excited that I did get that one perfect photo that will be on this year’s card.  All of that before the workday began.

I’ll do the big reveal around Christmas and will include other adorable captures!

2 thoughts on “Photographing Wildlife

  1. When I was in med school, we had our class where we learned physical examination of patients. On pediatric day, classmates brought their own children for us to work with. My classmate and I had an adorable and rambunctious two year-old. When it came time to measure his height, he escaped out the door, both of us chased him down the hall, me carrying the tape measure, and as we all ran into an open elevator he threw himself against the wall and I measured him mid-flight (no exaggeration) while my colleague held the elevator door open. His mom and our professor were watching from the door of the exam room, laughing their arses off. You do what you have to do.

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