My Thrifty Yankee Sock Secret

When you get a hole in one of your socks, do you say “darn it!” and then actually…darn it? I know some of you do! I’ve tried sewing and such but it’s not my thing, especially with mending socks. As a compromise, it occurred to me that in the winter no one sees my socks because I’m wearing boots, so why not wear a mismatched pair?!

If a sock gets a hole I add it to my collection of singles and marry them up afterward. If I bought all of my socks in the same style and color it would make it easier which is something I used to do. Maybe it’s a NYC thing but for years I only wore black socks. It was my signature “style” in grad school. Take that as you will.

As it sometimes happens in New England when you are visiting someone you are asked (or offer) to remove your boots/shoes to prevent bringing in mud or snow. For that I have slippers that I bring with me, so again, no one will know, except the internet!

4 thoughts on “My Thrifty Yankee Sock Secret

  1. I love it! And just so you know, all the kids wear mismatched socks all the time, so you have been in style forever, and in New England style even longer, we’re thrifty. No need to throw out a perfectly good sock just because its mate died. I hardly ever wear socks, even here in New England, so I opt for really thin ones all in the same color since they are all mix and match that way. That way, when I go to someone’s house and take off my boots, I usually match. Well, usually, there are those random socks I couldn’t resist or got for Christmas…

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    1. I had no idea! I guess I never really paid attention to people’s socks so I didn’t realize I was stylish! My feet tend to run cold so other than in the summer I always wear socks.

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