Good Old Yankee Thrift: The Book!

I’m ready to announce that my current book-in-progress is about Yankee Thrift! This summer I created my outline and gathered my research materials which I have been reading and studying. I’ll be doing the actual writing of it this winter. 

This isn’t going to be an academic book but will definitely include historic texts. I’ll share my reflections of living in subsidized housing while attending a wealthy Upper East Side prep school in Manhattan during the excesses of the 1980s before moving to New England to live a simple, frugal life. The lessons learned about Yankee frugality from my time spent living in Vermont and Maine has been nothing short of transformative. I will share those powerful lessons and principles with you in this book.

More details to come in a future post!

16 thoughts on “Good Old Yankee Thrift: The Book!

  1. Sold, too — looking forward to your upcoming book!
    I don’t know why vintage things, and life, warms my heart, but it does. I am at home in antique stores and tea rooms.
    Thank you for a great place to share in common interests.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Donna! It’s a gift to feel that warmth in your heart. It’s also nice to hear from like-hearted people. Thanks for commenting.


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