Good Old Yankee Thrift: The Book!

I’m ready to announce that my current book-in-progress is about Yankee Thrift! This summer I created my outline and gathered my research materials which I have been reading and studying.

This isn’t going to be an academic book but will definitely include historic texts. I’ll share my reflections of living in subsidized housing while attending a wealthy Upper East Side prep school in Manhattan during the excesses of the 1980s before moving to New England to live a simple, frugal life. The lessons learned about Yankee frugality from my time spent living in Vermont and Maine has been nothing short of transformative. I will share those powerful lessons and principles with you in this book!

16 thoughts on “Good Old Yankee Thrift: The Book!

  1. Sold, too — looking forward to your upcoming book!
    I don’t know why vintage things, and life, warms my heart, but it does. I am at home in antique stores and tea rooms.
    Thank you for a great place to share in common interests.

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    1. Thank you, Donna! It’s a gift to feel that warmth in your heart. It’s also nice to hear from like-hearted people. Thanks for commenting.


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