Giving Thanks

I had a horrible experience with a new-to-me specialist doctor a little over a month ago who was very rough; I actually yelled out in pain at one point. Based upon little information she told me I likely had cancer of an internal organ (I won’t get into specifics here) and ordered a series of invasive painful tests and biopsies. I immediately made an appointment with someone else to get a second opinion and can say that he is a blessing. Not only does he have decades of experience (which sadly means he will soon be retiring), he is gentle and didn’t have the same impressions as the first doctor. After a couple of painless ultrasounds he determined based upon them and my lack of symptoms that I’m all clear. The one scary growth, something the first doctor overlooked and he found on the first ultrasound actually resolved itself–it’s gone! I was so nervous all month! It was very hard for me to not let it take over my thoughts. My little field trip to Maine Wildlife Park was helpful during this time as was focusing on the beautiful simple things around me. I’m not just thankful for the diagnosis and my new doctor but also the two sonographers who were so incredibly kind, gentle and the second one, hilarious. Who would think that getting an ultrasound in an awkward place could be funny?! 

As always I’m thankful for Wayne. He left work early to come with me to my tests and held my hand literally and figuratively the whole way.

I did something different than I have in the past. I let my close friends know what was going on. I told them I was afraid. I let them help me instead of worrying about being a burden. I’m thankful that I have close friends and the humility to ask for help.

This is kooky, but I’m thankful that our furnace needed an emergency after-hours service call the other night. (Frugal tip: We always opt to pay extra up front as insurance so that we don’t pay for the service calls. The dividends from peace of mind always makes it an excellent buy as well as the guarantee that someone will show up). The tech guy looked upset. He explained he was very worried about his wife who had just received a medical diagnosis, the same exact thing I went through that isn’t cancer. Instead of protecting my privacy–for what in this case? I shared my personal experience with him to let him know it’s likely nothing serious. He seemed so relieved afterward. I’m thankful that I didn’t let propriety get in the way of discussing delicate matters with a strange man in my basement at 8:30 at night. (Wayne was there too, of course!)

I’m thankful for the local businessman who took an email I sent him very seriously and called me today to say because of my feedback his company is changing an existing policy. He added that he knew how upset I was and that he didn’t want me to feel that way. I couldn’t believe his kindness. I was getting serious Mr. Rogers vibes from him, too. 

Santa Claus.jpg

And speaking of neighbors, I’m thankful for my friend across the street who sent me a message to let me know how much she appreciates that I put up my vintage 1950s Santa every year because she loves looking at him.

I could have let the first doctor dictate my thoughts this past month and gotten lost in a PTSD fog and been subjected to unnecessary procedures but instead I worked hard to find and trust in the goodness and good people around me. I’m so very thankful I found them. Not once did I feel the wish to drink although admittedly I ate too many french fries these last few weeks. I’m thankful that I ate them and added extra salt, too.

I wish you all a healthy, safe and joyous Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thank you, simplywendi! I did file a complaint against this doctor with the practice and they actually said they would look into it and didn’t charge me for the “care” she provided. We are all worthy of competent, dignified care. I don’t want her to treat anyone else that way ever again. Not everyone is assertive; I certainly wasn’t with doctors until relatively recently.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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      1. So happy that you filed a complaint! This happened to a friend of mine who is also chronically ill. She was told she had cancer…….very long story cut short, she didn’t! The doctor was a complete idiot.

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  1. Thank goodness you had the presence of mind to get a second opinion, or sometimes third. So many people do not! I had a health problem a few years ago, and my inner gut told me the first two doctors just didn’t have it right and weren’t listening to me. I found a third who hit the nail on the head in about five minutes after listening to everything I told her. So glad you are on the mend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. I am SO glad you’re okay. And I am so sorry you went through all that. But, wow, I am so happy for you that not only are you okay, but you successfully navigated what could have really been a trigger. I really relate to so many things you shared. May you and Wayne have a happy thanksgiving. I know we don’t know each other IRL, but I’m thankful for you.

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