Thanksgiving Dinner in a 1700s House

I just love when I find a hidden gem and that’s exactly what happened for our Thanksgiving dinner. A few weeks ago we decided that we wanted to go out to eat since it’s just the two of us this year. All of the local places serving T-Day dinner were charging between $80 – $90 per person plus tip! Spending over $200 to eat in a trendy or upscale restaurant on Thanksgiving in greater Portland is just no! (Portland was named 2018 Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appetite.) We’re not into trendy places. We wanted something out of the way in the country that was simple, homey, historic, casual and delicious without fine dining pricing. Then I opened up google maps and did a search for places in “the country”. That’s how I found The Buxton Common, “a community gathering space for families, friends, neighbors and guests serving house smoked, rustic country fare in a revitalized 18th century home.” They were offering a Thanksgiving dinner for $32 per person! Sold!

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (14).jpg

It’s only a twenty minute drive from our house. I was able to take photos before the dinner guests starting arriving.

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (12).jpg

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (5).jpg

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (3).jpg

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (2).jpg

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (1).jpg

Our meal was outstanding!

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (4).jpg

Buxton Common Soup.jpg

I had the pumpkin bisque which was served piping hot and was so rich and flavorful.

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (8).jpg

Wayne had the smoked brisket and cheddar hand pies.

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (9).jpg

I opted for no gravy on my cider brined applewood smoked turkey and skipped the stuffing (gluten). There was still more than I could finish. Although I’m a dark meat fan the breast meat was tender and juicy. The cranberry relish was bursting with orange zest and spice. It was unlike any I had tasted before. The gratin potatoes with cheddar was also excellent.

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (13).jpg

The chef/owner had made a gluten-free dessert option for me–pumpkin chiffon with whipped cream. Divine! I brought my white chocolate fruit and nut turtles home for later.

Buxton Common Thanksgiving Dinner (10).jpg

All of this was for Wayne!

After we paid I got an email on my phone from American Express letting me know that I had just earned a $10 credit on my statement for “dining small” since Buxton Common was a participating restaurant. I had opted into it after I made our reservation. Bonus!

Tomorrow we’re getting up early to get a REAL Christmas tree instead of my usual 1950s vintage aluminum tree. I love this time of year!

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