The Lawrence Welk Show: I Celebrate “Schmaltz” this Christmas

I wasn’t planning to post anything until after the New Year but feel moved to share this. Last night Wayne and I watched the 1972 Lawrence Welk Christmas special, and we actually watch Lawrence Welk on Saturday “nights” (5:00 p.m.) when it’s on Maine PBS. I’ve had a rough week but watching this last night was so helpful in rekindling the Christmas spirit. Unapologetically*, here are the top six reasons why I think this show is balm for the soul:

Everyone on the show brought their kids on the set to sing Christmas carols and it was so freaking sweet. The kids were allowed to be kids in their little holiday outfits. It wasn’t a fashion show nor were they expected to be snarky or edgy.

It’s from a time when “corny” and exuberant optimism wasn’t seen as the enemy of intelligent people. It was even a possibility. It wasn’t irony. Camp wasn’t camp. It was hip to be square!

The sparkly colorful sets, hair styles and makeup from the 1960s and 70s episodes are epic: epically awesome or terrifying is in the eye of the beholder. I would love to walk around my house in a sherbert colored gown with sequinned curtains and big ol chandelier in every room. Yes, I’m a kook.


I love the happy older couples dressed up and dancing in the audience! They remind me of my grandparents whom I miss dearly and most this time of year.

The band is always wearing the same pastel or earth tone colored suits. This is a good look.

The men are very wholesome-looking and wear Andy Williams and Mr. Rogers type sweaters. Wayne refuses to dress like this despite it being the best look ever. (Heads up, Wayne. Maybe Santa doesn’t care this year! ha!)

*This from someone who spent time in mosh pits in the 1980s, loves old school hip hop (“rap” to us back when), hardcore punk, Sinatra, classic rock, 60s psychedelia, 70s pop and more! Anything with soul and flavor.

8 thoughts on “The Lawrence Welk Show: I Celebrate “Schmaltz” this Christmas

  1. Thank you for this sweet post, Averyl. I also love the “cheesy” sweetness of Lawrence Welk. Any time the reruns were on at my Mammaw’s house, we’d watch with her. It was a quality, wholesome show. (Boy howdy – the world sure needs more wholesome nowadays.) She passed away in 2008. This makes me think of her and smile!

    Wishing you and Wayne a very Merry Christmas with a twirl of my (yellow) sherbet gown! 💛

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  2. My husband was commenting on the rise of athelesure? ( Is that how it’s spelled?). It’s really an atrocious fashion statement. I don’t think I even like it for exercising. Then we saw it in full glory in Walmart where we saw a plump woman proudly tromping past us with a new trend……move over snoop droopy drawers…..low riding yoga tights with a large portion of exposed underwear. Stunning I tell you! It was stunning! We were both wondering if my hand sanitizer could work as a vision scrubber. You just can’t unsee something like that.
    But she wasn’t the only one!
    I would have loved a sherbet sequined gown flowing passed me. 🙂
    Merry Christmas Avery Wayne!


    1. I hadn’t considered wearing such a getup in public, but that is an interesting thought! However, unless I hire someone to custom make the gown for me I think I’m out of luck. Santa?!

      Merry Christmas!

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