I’m smiling in this photo I just snapped because it feels good to do it since I haven’t been doing it enough lately! 

I learned in the past month that I have something called hypercalcemia and most likely have hyperparathyroidism based upon my calcium and PTH (parathyroid hormone) levels on two different blood draws. As I mentioned on my Instagram yesterday I’ve had numerous blood tests done in the past few weeks, will be doing a 24 hour calcium test next but then have to wait until mid-March for my endocrinology appointment (we have an endocrinologist shortage here in Maine, apparently) to have further testing, diagnosing and possible referral for surgery.

I will write more about this endocrine disorder at some point because I want to help spread awareness of this silent destroyer of energy, bones, kidneys and quality of life. Right now my main symptom is fatigue that has been plaguing me the past month no matter how much sleep I get. It’s also possible that I’m tired for other reasons like midlife changes or feeling down because of my diagnosis.

It’s helpful for me to put this out there and not feel like I have to pretend I’m feeling 100% myself. There’s still loads of things to smile about and share and I have periods of time where I feel good, so I’ll still be posting here! I’m just going to be behind schedule with writing my book.

Happy New Year to you! 

10 thoughts on “2020

  1. I know two people that have had it. A younger – 40 something and a 70-year-old that was to the point of many small fractures. Good to catch it early. Apparently, it’s seen more in older people. Best of luck to you. Hope it gets cleared up soon!

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