Why Frugal People Pay to Join AARP

I was so excited when I turned 49 1/2! It meant that I could join AARP and get an AARP card! WHY would I be excited about getting older and flash something that isn’t, as one person pointed out to me, “a badge of honor?” Because I think it is! Not only that, but it’s what frugal people do to save money now and in the future. For starters, if you have AT&T for your mobile you save 10% on your bill and 15% on wireless accessories! After factoring my annual membership fee I’m making money right away! More importantly AARP lobbies to keep Social Security and Medicare strong, drug prices low and advocates for many other things that DO affect your wallet. I also get their monthly publications that highlight important things like how to deal with ageism in the workplace.

I know many of you are thinking that you want nothing to do with AARP because it means you’re “getting old.”

Whether or not you join, which only costs $12 your first year, you are the same age. Maybe you are the sort of person who doesn’t like to say your age in social situations. Fair enough, but you don’t need to flaunt your card to get the discounts and to support AARP’s advocacy work to protect YOUR money that may not be there when your time comes to finally access it.

If you let vanity and insecurity get in the way of making wise financial choices that are the best fit for your lifestyle and budget, you are an easy mark for marketers who will exploit that weakness. I’m covering this very issue in my book-in-progress.

(This post is not an ad but my honest opinion.)