The Frugal Housewife By Mrs. Child: “Time Is Money”

Lydia Marie Child was an American abolitionist, women’s rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist, journalist, and opponent of American expansionism. She was also a New England housewife famous for her book published in 1829, The Frugal Housewife. The introduction offers a very interesting glimpse into how much has changed in our mindset since that time:

“The true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of gathering up all the fragments, so that nothing be lost. I mean fragments of time, as well as materials. Nothing should be thrown away so long as it is possible to make any use of it, however trifling that use may be; and whatever be the size of a family, every member should be employed either in earning or saving money. ‘Time is money.’ For this reason, cheap as stockings are, it is good economy to knit them.”

How many of us would have thought: “So why bother if we can replace them cheaply!

11 thoughts on “The Frugal Housewife By Mrs. Child: “Time Is Money”

  1. Jesus speaking,”When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.””
    John 6:12 KJV
    That lady was a popper! I can see she had definite opinions on how scripture should be lived out as your quote is nearly verbatim.
    And she wrote Over the River and Through the Woods!!!!!!
    (I love that song)
    Do you think she wore a corset?

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    1. What a funny question! I have no idea! I do know it’s highly unlikely that as a feminist she would have engaged in corset burning. That would be wasteful!

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      1. I’ve been studying the use of corsets with chemise, their use for good posture, and why they’re a symbol of bondage for modern day culture. The more I study the more I think we should go back to them, especially looking around at the appalling state of modern posture and back pain. 😁

        My new slogan will be,”Suffragettes wear Corsets!” (I’m just joking about that. 😉)
        Come to think of it……. frugal housekeeping is a modern day symbol of bondage too. 😳
        Just how far has modern day feminism drifted from its roots?
        I mean I just read your link on this lady and she slept with her Bible under pillow!

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        1. Women are free to wear corsets. 🙂 I would never consult with any social movement or mores to decide what to wear on my body or whether or not to keep house, but I will always consult with my wallet. 😉

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        1. I’ve spent most of my life running myself ragged. Since I started this blog I have intentionally been slowing down and working on not feeling guilty about taking time to not be productive in a superficial sense. I finally got that that kind of “idleness” is VERY productive for good health and well-being.

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          1. It sure is Averyl! It is essential to our well-being. The recharging of the energy is as important as eating, and sadly it takes a lot of us a long time to realize that, I know it did me. About five years ago, I took myself off most of the boards and committees I served on; it was time to let others step up, and if they didn’t, well, I could not be the one to hold it all together. It made a big difference in my life, and I don’t regret it at all! I felt like I was taking myself back to me.

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