Happy Groundhog Day!

Just seconds before I took this pic there was a chipmunk on the deck railing, the first sighting since late November! It’s also one year ago that Wayne and I adopted the Degu Sisters. I can’t tell you how much seeing that chipmunk (not sure who it was) raised my spirits this morning. Surely it’s a good omen!

7 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. It’s cloudy here in southern Vermont. I’m sure the groundhog will play about today and spring will be just around the corner. Not surprising since they have already done some sugaring. However, if the sun does pop out, six more weeks of winter still means spring is just around the corner…

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    1. Thank you, simplywendi! 🙂

      The gray squirrels in Maine do not hibernate or go into torpor like the chipmunks (which are part of the squirrel family), so they are out all winter long except for brutally cold/stormy weather.

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