For the Joy of It

This morning when I got into my car I noticed that the condensation on my windshield looked like a rising icy sun with warming rays. When I returned home I heard a bird singing and a chipmunk calling as I started walking towards my sunroom doorway. The mysterious chipmunk who made a brief appearance yesterday morning for Groundhog Day must have returned but I couldn’t see it.

“Where are you?” I asked.

It immediately came out from under the deck and jumped on the deck railing.

Friendly Visitor (1)

It’s not Buster, Sunny or Ricky. I think it’s likely Cider since his burrow isn’t buried under snow but I couldn’t get a close enough look at its ear for the telltale marking.

Friendly Visitor (4)

This chipmunk wasn’t interested in seeds; only playing peek-a-boo…

Friendly Visitor (3)

Standing on its tippy-toes on the snow…

Friendly Visitor (2)

And taking in the whole early February scene.

Friendly Visitor (5)

I went inside and watched as the chipmunk ran back and forth through the brush by the fence in my yard, had a brief tussle with a gray squirrel before returning to the deck rail to hang out in the sunshine outside my office window. ❤

Update: It’s Cider! I can see the telltale tiny hole in his ear in the above pic!

9 thoughts on “For the Joy of It

    1. Oh, thanks and we are but know this is a tiny break in a long winter. It makes it that more enjoyable! (By the way it’s in the 30s and 40s but we haven’t had much snow this winter!)

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      1. I can believe you have no snow because summer is already in SoCal. 67 over the weekend. Little birds are chirping and the baby green grass is coming up. We took a Sunday drive down Route 66.

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    1. What are the normal temps this time of year for where you are? It’s above normal here but still not warm. It was in the 30s this morning, high in the 40s, tonight will be in the 20s. With the sun out and no wind it does feel warmer than it actually is. Although there is snow on the ground the snowfall total is below normal (or so it seems, not sure of the actual stats.) It is unusually early for a chipmunk to be out now, but I’m sure it’s a brief reprieve since the Maine winters are very long. (I’m not denying climate change which is very scary.)

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      1. February tends to be one of our coldest months so nights tend to be under freezing and days maybe 30s………..we have had a very mild winter, we will have a huge insect problem this summer!


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