Making Peace With February

Is that Godzilla punching my roof as I type this post? Kind of, only its name is February. It’s the occasional sound of things expanding and contracting when it’s in the single digits or below. It also means my house is nice and toasty inside. We had an ice storm on Friday, and while they can be extremely destructive, like cutting power for days or weeks, and most recently lifting me in the air before smacking me on my behind (I’m getting PT now, recovery is up and down but happening), it can also be beautiful. I snapped the photo above yesterday afternoon. I love how the sunshine makes the icy branches gleam brightly as if I’m living in an enchanted fairyland.

Icy Branches

Every season has its gifts, even the harsh ones.

Icy branches close up

I can spend money on shiny things to distract me from winter or I can be present for the sparkling gems of nature’s artistry.

February Ice

On Friday we lost TV and internet (like many others in the northeast who have Spectrum) due to ice damage to some cables. I’ve been neglecting my vinyl so it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some good music. It turns out the degus love Blood, Sweat and Tears as much as I do. 

Blood Sweat Tears

Yesterday afternoon we had another cable TV outage so Wayne couldn’t watch golf and there was a chance we’d miss Lawrence Welk (!) I went into the kitchen and created the easiest, most frugal oat sponge cake without any inspiration or guidance from my old recipes! Maybe I just had to slow down and be quiet enough to create it. Service was restored minutes before Lawrence Welk began. I let the cake cool while we were watching it and then served it with coconut ice cream for dinner/dessert. You can do that in February, kind of like when a little kid gets a lollipop after getting a shot at the doctor’s office.

I love Maine in the winter, even in February. Having said that, I do not love February but I’m learning to not see it as a month I have to just get through. There are actually really cool things that happen when it gets too cold, and I’m certain it’s responsible for fostering good old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity, too!

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