Relics From NYC: Peek Into My Past!

I’ve been reorganizing my filing cabinet and had a blast looking through some of my own personal ephemera and Lenox School yearbooks. You will know some of these people, bands and shows I’ve seen. Plus, I bet you didn’t know I’m a recording artist! (Sort of…)

Averyl's NYC Relics (8)

I tore off and saved the covers from the Playbills of some of the Broadway shows I went to in the 1980s. I remember all of them except for Bring Back Birdie, maybe because I fell asleep!

Averyl's NYC Relics (16)

Ticket stubs from NYC and NJ concerts in the 80s: Rush, U2, Laser Rock, Billy Idol, Springsteen, Rolling Stones (Tina Turner opened!) and Neil Young.

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When I worked at HMV Music on East 86th Street in the early 90s I got to meet Run-DMC!

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The midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 8th Street Playhouse in the Village was all the rage in the 80s, partly because it was an excuse for us high school kids to not come until 3:00 a.m. I’m on the Audience Participation Album. I don’t know what I did with my copy I that I received later on!

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I attended the Lenox School, then on East 70th Street, from sixth through twelfth grade. Some of my classmates are people you may know!

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The girl with the long hair in the front of the stoop–do you recognize her? You wouldn’t recognize the guy, second row, far right, but you might know him by name. (Can you spot me?)

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Kim Raver!

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Marc Thiessen!

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Any fans of the movie Metropolitan?

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Dylan Hundley!

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Calvin Klein’s daughter, Marci Klein! I’ve always loved her yearbook quote: “If Mick can’t get no satisfaction, who can?” – Richard Belzer

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Here I am in sixth grade looking deep in thought…or trying not to cough? You may notice a chain around my neck that held a key much like an oversized pendant. I was a literal “latch key kid”!

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I was sitting in Mariella’s pizza between classes, hanging out with some friends, having a slice and smoking (I know, gross). I was wearing a denim jacket over a Jim Morrison t-shirt. A mysterious man was watching me and doing a sketch. He came over to our table, ripped the page out of his spiral-bound notebook and handed me what you see above and walked out. Just like that. I tried to find him to thank him for the sketch but he was gone. As I was doing this post I googled his name and it turns out that Zemlenyi is a listed artist from Romania. His signature is a match with the one on his lobster painting that sold at auction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these peeks into my past!

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  1. I can’t believe you were on the RHPS Audience Participation album!! I had the CD of that in the mid-1990s during the height of my Rocky Horror obsession. 😆😆😆

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